All I Have Are Negative Thoughts!

The Intro-All I have are Negative thoughts

Hello my friends! Welcome to another personal development article here on the site. I hope this read finds you well and making progress in creating the life you want for yourself and those you love. “All I Have Are Negative Thoughts” seems like a heavy topic, right? Well, I would agree with you. Undoubtedly, negative thoughts are a common human experience. And I’m sure humanity has spent millennia in a quest to tame the mind and point our energies in a positive direction. This article was born out of recent difficulties, a need to re-evaluate some of my own world views and how I came to this juncture in life. Like any bad habit or lifestyle, we don’t simply start doing something overnight. No, our routines, tendencies and views were developed over time, as everything in life is a result of progress, either in a negative way or positive one.

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Napoleon Hill-The Master of Thought Control!

So, all I have are negative thoughts. What’s the significance of it all? Well, I recently found Napoleon Hill’s legendary, self-help book Think and Grow Rich. What an amazing book! So amazing in fact, I placed it in an article for the Best Motivational Audio Books. The book was written near the end of The Great Depression, when times were tough. This classical read was considered an antidote to the economic difficulties of the times. Moreover, by simply glancing at the title of the book, the reader may assume it’s a book about financial success. However, in the era it was written, this may have been the original intent of the author to motivate those hit by financial hard times to climb out of a hole, Think and Grow Rich has evolved into a personal growth super read nowadays.

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In regard to negative thoughts, this book lit a personal fire to return to what creates the thoughts within the mind. I believe this book is an antidote for negativity as well. When all I think are negative thoughts, it’s no wonder that life has been so hard lately. Napoleon Hill’s book talks about a secret but never really spells it out. The reader, or listener, must find out what “the secret” is. Story by story, the Hill describes various figures in history and how they rose to fame using this “secret”. However, this is where I believe the goal of the book goes beyond simply obtaining financial riches. Here it expands to controlling negative thoughts and in turn leading the reader to the life they desire and true happiness. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I struggle to explain this valuable concept! Everyone is struggling, you know?

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Change Those Negative Thoughts!

Hopefully you’ve got the gist that my desire is to help those struggling with a negative mindset and thoughts. Also, to assist in breaking free and setting your life in a different trajectory. Since all I think are negative thoughts lately, the “secret” from this book for me was the connection between the chronic negative thoughts and self-talk and my current state in life. Basically, the mind is like a computer that runs on programs. It’s completely indifferent to what type of program you upload. And think of the programs as being your subconscious mind that runs on automatic. Let’s compare it to a basic function like breathing. You don’t think about it, you just do it right? Well, what if the programs-a.k.a. thoughts and ideas-installed to your computer have set you up for failure without you even realizing it? Pretty scary if you ask me.

When all I think are negative thoughts, my subconscious mind is automatically setting me up for failure. According to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, the student of personal growth must place new ideas, desires and thoughts via “auto suggestion” in order to move the mind, and then the body, towards positivity, success and happiness. If all you can think are negative thoughts, maybe reprogramming your subconscious mind with new software, ideas and thoughts will help put you in a different state of mind and being. Furthermore, in order to bring about change, you need to be in a state of humility, open-mindedness and willingness to receive new concepts. It’s like a farmer preparing his fields for the rain. Because once the rain falls, the growth will occur in the form of positive thoughts and success as you envision it!

Prepare Your Fields for Rain!

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When All I Have Are Negative Thoughts, Where do I start?

First and foremost, take heart my friends! If you’re seeking answers to change negative thoughts, then you’re already on the journey. According to Hill’s self-help book, change and success starts with pure desire. Desire is the starting line for any worthwhile endeavor. Each individual has a unique past which brings them to a point where they realize the need for a change. So, if all I have are negative thoughts, I want to understand the root cause. A resourceful tool for getting to the origin of a habit that does not serve us is a personal inventory. We’ll call it a list of assets and liabilities, as it’s described when working the 12 Steps of AA. Digging into the past, however painful, can help us understand triggers, trauma or childhood wounds. The help of a licensed professional, therapist or counselor can also point our self-analysis journey in the right direction.

When all I have are negative thoughts, faith coupled with the desire to change will propel my mind to more hope and inward peace. This faith is a vital component of reprogramming our thoughts, according to Think and Grow Rich. If desire is the starting line, then faith is the fuel the pushes the runner down to the path to emotional, mental and financial success. The faith to move toward the desired change of replacing negative thoughts with those of a positive nature, is the necessary action to take each vital step to a new life. Faith is the motivation to sojourn on for a belief. “…if ye have faith ye bhope for things which are cnot seen, which are true.”

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Tell Yourself a Different Story

So, now that we’ve established the detrimental effects of chronic negative thoughts and how the subconscious determines the path our life will take, what next? Well, it’s time to apply what we’ve learned in the classroom about reprogramming our thoughts to the game of life. We’re now prepared to get out there on the field and take some hits, figuratively speaking. Now, this may seem weird at first but reframing those negative thoughts will require some talking to yourself. When all I have are negative thoughts, I’m using positive affirmations and auto suggestion in order to supplant new ideas and desires in my brain. First, think about the negative thoughts and how you desire to change them. You can write a statement down, put it to memory and then repeat it 100’s of times.

For me personally, first thing in the morning is when my mind seems most susceptible to receiving new information. When all I’m thinking are negative thoughts, I’m going to use affirmations, repeat the desires of my heart and be patient with the process. Clearly having some privacy to work on this process is necessary. Use private time in the bathroom to rehearse your negative thought changing plan. Look in the mirror while you do this. Or reciting your desires on the commute in your car is beneficial. These are a few ideas that have worked for me. Either way, reprogramming your mind with the desires of your heart will take time. So, as I said, be patient with yourself and just get clear on where you want to start.

Reprogram Your Mind!

The Wrap Up-All I Have Are Negative Thoughts

When all I think are negative thoughts I feel anxiety, lack of hope, negativity and a desire to run. What is your personal experience with negative thoughts? Well, I’m sure you’re well aware of this already. As mentioned before, if you’re here on this site, clearly, you’ve already stepped into a desire to change your mindset and life. You’re already at least a novice personal development guru. If you haven’t read or listened to Think and Grow Rich, I’d highly recommend it. This self-help classic reaffirmed the power of thought to manifest a life I want or do not want. When all I think are negative thoughts, I know my life is spiraling downward because my subconscious is programmed to move my body to create a life I DO NOT desire.

Your mind is the engine that pushes your car along the journey. However, it does not care if you race onto glory in life or over a figurative cliff. It only does what it is told. Therefore, why not program your mind with desires that will maximize its performance. It takes just as much energy and time to place positive, affirming ideas inside as does the negative and self-destructive information. What a simply yet profound concept! What will it be for you, my friends? I choose positive desires, hope and faith the propels my mind to happiness and joy.

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Thoughts From the Author

Who loves talking about personal development? I sure do! I’ve been struggling with negative thoughts which have affected my life lately. This online journal is mostly developed out of life mistakes. However, my desire is that my mistakes can be your inspiration. But isn’t this how growth occurs? We’re brought to admit life is unmanageable, then forced to address the problem. Hopefully the insights you read here will help you on your journey to a happier life. If you’re interested in more inspired content, checkout My Blog for cool articles, like The Best Books on Faith and Future Tripping Ain’t a Good Thing! Recently published are the Best Books for Overthinking, the Best Positive Mindset Books and the Best Self Help Audio Books. Also check out 7 Reasons to Stop Being Too Nice, Comforting Scripture Verses, and the Best Leadership Books of 2023. Fight on my friends! -The Good Guy