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Welcome to this inspirational article on true faith quotes! I hope you’re well and believing in good things to come. Furthermore, I believe these true faith quotes will provide additional encouragement to push through struggles when you might be tempted to give up the fight. But what does faith mean to you? Well, some might describe it as your church or religion. While this is what some may describe it as today, it’s actually an action. Faith is gas for your engine that pushes you through and a belief in things that you can’t see but do exist. So, having a belief that things will improve and a prize exists on the other side of struggles is what helps pick you up off the ground when you get knocked down. Therefore, I hope you’re believing and offer you some true faith quotes!

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faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light, helen keller, true faith quotes

Helen Keller-Faith Sheds Light!

So, we’ve established that faith is the action needed to drive someone past trials and hard times. However, few people have had to experience tribulations like the late Helen Keller. Keller became blind and def at a very young age. But she was able to evolve and adapt to her disabilities and became wildly successful and famous despite them. Pure faith quotes like this distinctly describe what it means to have faith because of what Helen had to overcome. When I read this quote, I ask myself, would I have been able to cope with becoming blind or def? We can glean hope from this concept that hope will light the way through our difficult times.

faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens, jrr tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien-The Road Will Darken!

The famous Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien speaks truth with these powerful words. True faith quotes are meant to encourage you when times are dark, and this one accomplishes just that. Unfortunately, many do give up the fight when the “road darkens”. But why? Is it because they don’t believe in their own abilities? Moreover, it’s possible that an individual has been through so much heartache they’ve lost all hope in a positive outcome altogether. Faithlessness is not the way my friends. My true faith quotes do not allow for such and neither does Tolkien. Do not say “farewell” to hope and belief that a light will shine on your road. You are powerful to endure whatever darkness you are passing through!

True Faith Quotes and Inspiration!

True Faith Quotes & Good Things to Come!

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Martin Luther-Let God Worry!

Martin Luther was the seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation centuries ago. Therefore, he knows much about faith. Furthermore, his key role in this reformation required much belief and faith to move forward with something he felt deeply about. This is one of my true faith quotes because it places the burden on God to sort things out. This is at the heart of surrendering to whatever circumstances you find yourself in. Needless to say, too many worry when life throws you a curveball. Why is this? I believe it’s related to people trying to overly control their lives. What if He knows what is best for us? “Pray and let God worry” is comforting because He will guide you and allow you to live more comfortably. It will be all right in the end!

sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick, don't lose faith, steve jobs, true faith quotes

Steve Jobs-Don’t Lose Faith!

When it comes to success and perseverance, Steve Jobs is a notable figure. Furthermore, he surely encountered faith-building trials in his life here on earth. True faith quotes like Jobs’ speak to the severity of what life can throw your way. It’s possible you could encounter something so extreme that you’re tempted to give up the fight. Because a brick to the head could be pretty brutal. It’s at these dark moments when our faith is truly tested. How bad do you want to win your prize? So, if you’re in pain, don’t cry to quit but cry to win. Moreover, go get a reward for your pain and suffering and the figurative, bloody blow you’re undoubtedly going to take in life. Belief in something on the other side of pain will fuel your journey.

my faith helps me understand that circumstances don't dictate my happiness, my inner peace, denzel washington, true faith quotes

Denzel Washington-Happiness is a Choice!

When it comes to motivational speeches, few speak to the heart in a more powerful sense than Denzel Washington. His insight on belief is one of my true faith quotes because it helps provide vision to see past difficult times. Consequently, change is the only constant in life and that’s a positive thing. Faith during trials and tribulations can provide motivation to push on. I know that no matter how hard things may be now, relief and a breath of comfort will come eventually. And like Denzel preaches, those circumstances “don’t dictate my happiness…my inner peace”. These are such power words to give hope and provide faith to the downhearted and lowly in spirit.

True Faith Quotes and Trust in God!

True Faith Quotes & Denzel Motivation!

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