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Spiritual Growth Quotes are Powerful!!

Welcome to this inspired post! I’m excited to share some motivational content along with some spiritual growth quotes. But why should you listen to me? Well, I’ve been clean and sober from addiction for 16 years. So, I’ve been forced to do some self-analysis and peel off the layers of the developmental onion. However, I am far from perfect. I continue to learn every day and seek out knowledge on how to improve my life and the life of those I love. Furthermore, it is my hope to share what I have learned through trial and error with you. These spiritual growth quotes go along with improving your perception of the world around you. And with that change comes a heightened level of consciousness and peace to help you live more comfortably in your skin. Thank you for being here!

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Spiritual Growth Quotes & Audible!
"Growth is the only evidence of life." -John Henry Newman, spiritual growth quotes

We Should Welcome Growth!

Spiritual growth quotes like this one from John Henry Newman cause me to reflect on another quote about growth. Basically, it states the ‘change is inevitable but growth is optional’. But what is growth and why should we strive for such a thing? Well, just as “growth is the only evidence of life’, we need to welcome this growth in order to keep up with life. Self-analysis and introspection are key to evolving. And improving our contact with God and sustaining a spiritual state is key to elevating above the noise of life. However, this requires a constant effort. Otherwise, it’s easy to become complacent in life and then we’re probably regressing on our spiritual journey in life.

"The path of spiritual growth is the path of lifelong learning." -M. Scott Peck

Life is Definately a Journey!

I love this message! It’s an awesome segway to the spiritual growth quotes listed before. It’s no surprise that growth in any form can be a slow, tedious process. Therefore, patience is of upmost importance when you’re seeking spiritual growth. As I reflect on my addiction recovery, growth and change has come in the appropriate time in my life. In hindsight, we’re really incapable of growth until we have taken the essential steps to progress. Think of a baby growing. First, he lifts his head, then rolls over, then sits up and so on. Spiritual growth quotes like Peck’s speak to the heart of this concept. Be okay with where you are, live in the moment and have faith that you’re right where you need to be at this moment.

Spiritual Growth Quotes & Rocky Motivation!!

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We will never become truly spiritual by sitting down and wishing to become so. -Phillips Brooks

Get Up and Get Going!

As I read these spiritual growth quotes in this article, I pause and reflect on what it actually means to be spiritual? Well, many may draw on a connection to God or a higher power. Drawing on a source of peace and hope in a chaotic world is at the heart of spiritual growth. However, this is not a passive process by any means. Progress requires constant attention to weakness and character defects. And it’s really easy to get distracted by the minutia in life. Does all the attention to social media, hobbies or addictions promote spiritual growth? Well, that’s for each person on a personal development journey to decide. In order to chart a path to becoming truly spiritual, you’ll need a plan and idea of what that looks like and where you want to be.

There is no growth without change, no change without fear or loss and no loss without pain. -Rick Warren

There Must Be Opposition in All Things!

This is one of my favorite spiritual growth quotes! What this tells me is that experience brings perspective and growth. Simply resting and expecting good things is naive. Moreover, to gain spiritual growth you’re going to need to jump in the fight of life! However, this may look different to each person reading this. And life can throw us curveballs we didn’t see coming. But we can be willing to accept change, opposition and pain. Unfortunately, each of these will come our way at some point. So, you can accept it and the growth the comes with or kick and scream along the way. The choice is yours! Just breathe and keep moving forward.

"Spiritual growth is the process of shedding the layers that no longer serve our soul." -Unknown

Layers of Spiritual Growth Quotes!

Well, we’ve already touched on the concept of layers in these spiritual growth quotes because it’s such a powerful concept. Maybe thinking of life experience and how it creates who we are is one specific viewpoint. It also requires a detailed inventory of our path to now in order to fully understand ourselves deep down. Furthermore, once we have a detailed picture of who we are, we can then become more patient with spiritual growth. Also, surrendering to spiritual growth being a process takes a lot of pressure off it all. Basically, we can sit back and enjoy the ride as we peel away the layers and find out who we are deep down. It’s a very exciting time my friends!

Spiritual Growth Quotes & a Baby Boy!

Thoughts From The Author

I love talking about personal growth! Thanks again for being here to go over these spiritual growth quotes. Please share them with someone in need of some inspiration. You could be the answer to a prayer, believe it or not. If you’ve found value in these spiritual growth quotes, then check out some other content here. I love Growth Mindset Quotes and The Road to Success Quotes! Furthermore, Emotional Wreck: How Do You Cope, With Contrast Comes Clarity and End of the Year Quotes will inspire you or someone in need of a boost! Keep the faith and don’t quit before the miracle happens! God Bless! -The Good Guy

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Spiritual Growth Quotes & Audible!