Level Up in Life!

you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, jim rohn, level up in life

Are You Ready to Level Up in Life?

Welcome back to the site for another motivational article on how to level up in life! Who am I and why should you trust me? Well, I’m a registered nurse with over a decade of experience in behavioral health. Furthermore, I’ve been clean and sober for 16 years, so I know a thing or two about personal development and how to level up in life. Does this mean I’ve got all the answers? No way! I’ve learned much from making mistakes in my 45 years of life and continue grow every day. So, if you’re on this page then you’re most likely looking for answers. There are no coincidences. And that means you’re here for a reason. Therefore, my hopes and prayers are that you find value and insight as we talk about some ways to level up in life.

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You are Your Friends & Associations!

This concept made me reminisce about my 20s and some bad decisions I made. Consequently, my friends and associations weren’t consistent with someone who’s looking to level up in life. The legendary motivator John Rohn laid it out simply. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Someone I know relatively well shared his experiences coming up in the inner city. He had a scare as a youth after he landed in juvenile detention after stealing cars. He chose to level up in life by changing his associations and deciding to go to college. Moreover, he is now a successful professional who works in the behavioral health field. Unfortunately, there are many stories without happy endings. Contrarily I’ve heard many stories in my experiences working in addiction recovery about some who ended up in institutions all because of who they rolled with.

proverbs 13, 20, he that walketh with wise men shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed, level up in life

Level Up in Life-Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone!

If you want to level up in life, you’re going to have to get outside of your comfort zone. But what does that look like? Well, find out what scares you and run towards that. There’s something about facing fears and coming out of the other side a more powerful, confident being. For example, most of my life I was really afraid of heights. So, what did I do? I went skydiving! The stories our mind create about a certain fear are worse than reality. The ride up to our jumping altitude was the most frightening part of the experience. But once I took that leap of faith, exhilaration!! The only constant in life is change. Unfortunately, if you aren’t taking on new challenges and getting outside of your comfort zone, it’s very difficult to level up in life! Meeting new people can help you step to the figurative edge.

Level Up in Life and Run Toward the Fear!

Level Up in Life!

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Set Goals and Move Toward Them!

As I said previously, changing and adapting to life is essential to level up in life. Complacency and comfort are the enemy of progress. Just tonight I was talking about something called the pride cycle. Basically, humans very rarely take initiative to set goals, practice self-analysis or dedicate life to always moving upward to something greater. On the contrary, resting on our laurels and avoiding uncomfortability is the easier way. But hard is not bad and putting in the work by surrounding yourself with successful people is a great way to avoid being brought to a humble point in life. So, find out what you like, set some small goals and be patient with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Therefore, the goal to level up in life is also a process. Life is a journey so, focus on the learning opportunities along the way.

change is inevitable, growth is optional, john c maxwell

You are Powerful! Don’t Forget It!

As previously mentioned, life is hard. In the bible we read about how the rain will fall on the righteous and the wicked. Basically, this means we’re all going to encounter trials and even tragedy. But to level up in life, we must keep our eyes on the prize. Don’t quit no matter what. You are powerful and you’ll overcome whatever life can dish out. However, stay away from naysayers and pessimists. Don’t get too comfortable because that complacency will hold back those who wish to level up in life. It’s the darkest times in life when breakthroughs and success knock on our door. The greats in life have been in places where they wanted to throw in the towel. It’s the tenacious, consistent, persistent ones who win the prizes in life. Is that you? Are you ready to level up in life?! I know I am.

Thoughts From The Author

Thanks so much for being here and supporting this movement. I am very passionate about personal development and hope you’ve found value here. If you’d like to read more content to help you on your personal development journey, check out The Road to Success Quotes and Positive Vibe Quotes. And for the family man with kids, two fun articles to read up on are The Best Lego Technic Sets and My Wife is Pregnant, Now What? Furthermore, Keep Believing, the Best Bible Verses from Psalms, and Comforting Scripture Verses are articles that are dear to my heart and very personal reads. Each post here comes from much thought and prayer. In my mission to level up in life, this site has become an online journal and blessing to me. So, thanks again for being here. I hope you are finding success and happiness in your life. God Bless!