Future Tripping Ain’t a Good Thing!

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What the Heck is Future Tripping?

Hello my friends! Welcome to the site if you’re a first timer. And welcome back if you’ve seen any of the personal development content here. So, what is future tripping? Well, I can see how you might think it’s a funny sounding phrase. It’s not uncommon to have difficulty focusing on a task or situation because our mind is in another place, right? Moreover, it’s easy to focus on stress in life, unresolved issues and even fear. If I’m future tripping, I’m not being present because my thoughts are misplaced on the future. This is a phrase I picked up in the halls of Alcoholics Anonymous. Surely writers, bloggers and motivators all have their own unique way of preaching the importance of being in a moment.

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You may be asking, “Why is this guy writing an article about future tripping?”. Writing and sharing thoughts are a result of negative life experiencing and resulting wisdom. Previously I’ve shared that the content here comes from personal insight, essentially serving as an online journal. So, it’s been a blessing. Furthermore, “future tripping” has been at the forefront of my own life recently. Especially as I’ve strived to be present in my family life as my wife is 17 weeks pregnant. Living in the future leaves a lot of life on the table. Therefore, my desire here is to share my experience on future tripping, the downsides of future tripping, and how to better live in the moment.

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Future Tipping Ain’t a Good Thing & Audible!

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Future Tripping Ain’t Worth It!

Regardless of who you are, being present is a problem, at least on some level for everyone. Therefore, we’re all future tripping on occasion. Possibly more on other occasions. But why? Well, my personal opinion is that previous life experiences have created some need to control the future. Also, fatigue, stress, trials, deadlines, work, relationships and a plethora of other life circumstances can create a need to check out. Future tripping can basically become an escape. More or less a way of avoidance of addressing the task at hand. Moreover, less than full attention to a conversation or experience with a loved one or friend could mean there is something more important elsewhere or in the future. Life is a journey, not a destination. Do not overlook the jewels lying on the path.

Motivational Video on The Present Moment!

The Present Moment-Alan Watts

The Downsides to Future Tripping…

So, we’ve described what “future tripping” is- you probably hadn’t heard it until now-and why people do it. But what are the downsides to it? I think the most obvious answer is that you’re going to miss out on life. I read an article on what people reported regretting on their death bed. One answer that stuck out to me was the regret of not going “all in”. Now this can have numerous interpretations. Certainly, this could refer to jobs, relationships and anything else in life. Moreover, if I fail to be present by future tripping on some imaginary place, I’m definitely not present and not going all in. And what if I’m not closely listening to a conversation? Or maybe I go halfway on a job that had some massive ripple effect on my future? That’s a scary thought if you ask me. Go all in, all the time!

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Stay Out of the Future. Live in the Moment!

Now that we’ve looked at the downsides to future tripping, let’s look at how to turn that thinking around! As I’m writing this, the 1st step of Alcoholics Anonymous comes to mind. Admitting a problem exists is the first step to recovery or changing any bad habit, for that matter. Consequently, any change starts with a desire, even if it’s a small effort. If you’ve struggled with being present and future tripping, it’s possibly been an issue for some time. Focus on one moment or task at a time. Moreover, start small. Make an inventory of the areas of your life where you’d like to focus. You can turn to good self-help books, videos or other online resources. Also, take time to disconnect with electronic devices for some human interaction, conversations, hobbies and an exercise routine.

Good Guy Motivation for Future Tripping!

Change Your Minds! -The Good Guy

Above all else, be patient with yourself. Personal development and unlearning behaviors like future tripping are a slow process. Let’s compare this to inheriting a worn-out farmhouse, set on a beautiful plot. There is a ton of potential there, but you’re required to get dirty by getting in and knocking down a wall or two. Shoot, after you’ve done your initial assessment, you may realize that the house is worthless, so you have to demolition the whole thing and start from the foundation. Learning to reprogram your mind, thoughts and how to be present, can be a slow, painful process. But you’ll need to ask yourself, how bad do you want it? Do you want that beautiful home, remodeled and glorious?

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The Wrap Up to Future Tripping…

So, I hope you know, I had a blast talking to you about future tripping! If I caught you off guard with my funny phrase, I apologize. There are many things that have stayed with me in 16 years of recovery from addiction and not future tripping is one of them. This is Your Moment! We’ve talked about what future tripping is, the downsides of not being present in life, and how to begin changing your mindset. These thoughts and insights are based on my own experiences and not exhaustive by any means. Furthermore, my desire is to simply help you along your personal development journey and live more comfortably in your skin. God Bless my friends!

Future Tripping Ain’t a Good Thing!

Thoughts From the Author

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for finding this page. Each article, paragraph and sentence are crafted with much thought and prayer. My goal is to bring value to someone, somewhere, seeking the answers to their dilemma. If you’ve mastered future tripping and are looking for more content for your personal development journey, the Best Books for Overthinking, the Best Self Help Audio Books and Push Through the Pain are fine reads! And some other articles dear to my heart are Everyone Is Struggling, All I Have Are Negative Thoughts and Expect the Best. Please consider sharing these important topics with someone in need of support, answers or direction in life. Thanks so much for your support! -The Good Guy