My Big Fat Weight Loss Story

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The Breakdown: My Big Fat Weight Loss Story

Well, thanks for stopping by the blog to read about my big fat weight loss story. So, everyone has a story, right? If you’re on the page, then you’re most likely on a transformation journey. It’s possible you’ve already seen some success in losing weight. However, there is a focus on that weight number, it’s not the most important thing to focus on. My big fat weight loss story did involve weight loss. But it also contributed to seeing a different person in the mirror and feeling better about who I am. Having said that, I share with you some inspirational thoughts on how I reached this point in life. Enjoy my friends!

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First Step to Transform: Looked At My Life

Looking back on my journey to here, I was in a dark hole and had to do some analysis of my life. Therefore, the first phase in my big fat weight loss story was figuring out where I went wrong in life. As they say in AA and the 12 steps, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. So, why can’t being overweight and out of shape be remedied in this way? I clearly wasn’t happy at the time. I was broke and hopeless, couch hopping, homeless and wasn’t living up to my responsibilities as a father. Basically, there were too many aspects of life preventing me from living a healthy lifestyle. Does any of this sound familiar to you? But before I could begin my weight loss transformation, I had to get my ducks in a row.

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I Stopped Drinking Alcohol

So, if I can make to October of 2023, I will be 16 years without a drink or drug. Now I’m not saying drinking alcohol prevents anyone from losing weight, having a transformation or being successful. Believe it or not, I’m actually jealous of those who can have an occasional beer and still function. However, giving up the bottle was part of my big fat weight loss story because I couldn’t moderate. And my wife just called me out on this the other night. If you’re like me, maybe you have a hard time moderating? The fact is, alcohol is calories, it costs money and really clouds the mind in my opinion. And based on my extensive experience as a recovered alcoholic and RN working in addiction recovery, I believe it holds you back from achieving your maximum potential.

Throwback Fitness Motivation: I saw Dwayne Johnson doing this one back in the day!

My Big Fat Weight Loss Story! HIIT with the ropes!

I Became More Active in My Transformation

Surely, you’ve heard the adage, “a body in motion stays in motion”. But nowadays I’m more of a gym rat. However, circa 2007 when I got sober, I was living in Southern California and met a gal who introduced me running. Yes, I was basically like Forrest Gump running everywhere. Running up and down the beach walk in Huntington Beach is a singular experience, I’ll never forget. At this point I was about 250 lbs. When I started on the road to my big fat weight loss story, I could barely run a mile without dying. One day at time, I worked up to putting in 30 miles a week. My lowest weight around 2009 was probably 185. That was my senior year weight. The funny part of being that skinny was that I still saw a fat guy in the mirror. The transformation is a process.

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A Weight Loss Story Requires Support

So, if you look at success people, their story will involve important people and a support system. My big fat weight loss story is no different. I found friends and people who were going in the same direction as me. If you’re into fitness, you’ve most likely heard of the Ragnar relay series. I connected with people who liked, to run, learned from them and had a lot of fun to be honest. These events allowed me to travel and have some great memories. Outside of my active lifestyle I returned to the faith of my childhood. Undoubtedly a spiritual lifestyle is key to a transformation and helped me focus on all the positivity life has to offer. My big fat weight loss story required a community and a mindset. It’s not all about burning calories.

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You Are What You Eat

Now, I’m not here to tell you what diet you should start to help you in your transformation. The unique part of weight loss is that we’re all different. We all have different body types, metabolism, health issues and the list goes on. It wouldn’t hurt to follow up with a medical professional if you’re case is complicated. When it came to my big fat weight loss story, I just started eating less and doing more. As a rule, if you can keep your meals small, stay away from processed foods and sugar, you’ll be well on your way. Honestly, portion control was the biggest game changer for me. If you look around at what’s piled on plates in a restaurant, you’ll understand why we’re becoming so overweight as a society. I’ve learned to love protein, fruits and veggies!

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My Weight Loss Story Has Required Patience

We live in a world that wants immediate gratification. You’ve surely read about people out there promising quick, rapid results. It’s possible programs out there can bring it overnight. However, my big fat weight loss story required lots of patience. But I think good things typically do take time and hard work. I dropped about 65 pounds in a two-year span. I wasn’t lifting weights at the time and was fixated on the number. During this time, I was learning who I was, working on my addiction recovery and working on my career as a nurse. It was a fun getting rid of my size 40 pants and buying new clothes that weren’t donated to me. Somethings do happen overnight but a steady, weight loss transformation does not. And nowadays I’m patient as a husband to an expectant mama.

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The Wrap Up: My Big Fat Weight Loss Story

My big fast weight loss story could be made into a small book to be honest. However, for sake of time and getting the important topics across, I chose to abbreviate it all. Looking back on my transformation and weight loss, there were many dark, lonely times. The experience I’ve offered is mine. I didn’t get it from books or some other site. My big fat weight loss story is my life from 30 on in a nutshell. If you want something bad enough, you have to do whatever it takes. But if someone says change and progress is easy, they’re lying. Weight loss like any goal, takes self-analysis, change, support, grit, will power and patience, just name a few attributes and skills. So, just keep moving forward and give it your all! This will help in living a happier life my friends! -The Good Guy

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My Big Fat Weight Loss Story & Audible!

Thoughts From The Author

Thanks so much for being here to learn about My Big Fat Weight Loss Story! These articles are a blessing to me and hopefully to someone who can relate. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, so you’ll find bits of what I’ve learned here. Therefore, if what you’ve read here has brought some value, please read and share some other articles that are dear to my heart. Of a deeply personal nature are recent posts titled Everyone is Struggling, Being A Late Bloomer and How to Support Your Pregnant Wife. And for your personal development journey check out two powerful articles called End of the Year Quotes and The Best Leadership Books of 2023! I really appreciate your support my friends. God Bless!