Push Through the Pain!

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Push Through the Pain and Get a Reward!

Welcome to this motivational article! It’s exciting to be alive and self-aware. And Push Through the Pain is the mantra my friends! But why should anyone need to push through the pain? Moreover, what kind of pain are we talking about? Well, for the sake of this commentary, we can refer to any type of pain. I was recently in the gym, wrapping up a workout, and started telling myself I would call it quits early. However, I then started thinking of “what if I do one more set”. Then, I was taken back to some Eric Thomas motivation I used to listen to back in the day who talks about “getting a reward for the pain”. He’s known as the Hip Hop Preacher and super intense! I dropped one of his videos below in the article. And check out The Road to Success Quotes!

Push Through the Pain my friends! -The Good Guy Motivation

Life is Pretty Cush in 2023

So, I began to reflect on how often I, or anyone really, give up on something prematurely for a variety of reasons. In the instance of exercising, the most obvious reason to bail is physical discomfort. Obviously, I wasn’t willing to push through the pain. Fortunately, I caught that flawed thinking. Granted, not wanting to extend my workout isn’t the end of the world. People have far greater challenges going on than this. But why are humans so quick to quit things? Well, I think physical and mental pain is one component. Societal living has become pretty cush in 2023. Maybe we’ve become soft, when compared to our pioneer ancestors who road wagons and pulled carts? Nevertheless, I felt inspired to offer some encouraging words to help you push through the pain in your life.

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Eric Thomas Motivation

Get a Reward for Your Pain! -Eric Thomas

Remember, Pain is Temporary!

Maybe it’s just me, but when I’m going through painful circumstance, time seems to slow down and even stop. Whether I’m at the gym doing legs, at work at a job that’s not going well or maybe even a sickness or ailment, these situations can illicit several types of pain. So, what do you do? Well, I try to draw on previous experiences where I was successful, mentally focus on something that drives me, and honestly, I pray in those moments. Drawing strength from God when a moment seems dark has become my go-to move when things look bleak. How many stories have you heard about the victor being at the end of his rope with things seeming totally hopeless, only to see the sun rise and save the day? It’s the theme for every triumphant story known to man. The night is darkest before the dawn.

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Furthermore, our pain, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional, is only temporary. And God gave you the grit, strength and endurance to push through the pain, like someone is in a fog, holding onto an iron rod, that will lead you to your reward and a pain-free existence! But why are people so quick to give up or quit something when it comes to discomfort? Certainly, we’re capable of handling whatever life throws our way. However, I think as a society we’ve come to expect a painless life somehow. Unfortunately, that’s not a reality. Furthermore, I believe that these misplaced expectations, could be at the heart of so quitting so easily when it comes to pain. We expect zero opposition, negative or uncomfortability in our endeavors.

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Pain and Discomfort are Inevitable

Now, I don’t want to start off sounding like a pessimist but acceptance of pain, suffering and difficulties being a part of life is a matter of being a grown up. Maybe that’s harsh but it’s a fact of life my friends. And I’ll be honest when I say, I hate discomfort, inconveniences or mental stressors. When embarking on new life goals, I think we tend to forget that life won’t be all sunshine and rainbows, like Rocky said. Start by setting the expectation, wherever you’re at, that life is going to hit you hard, some days will suck and you’re going to want to quit. Therefore, when these circumstances do occur, you’ll be better prepared to push through the pain, in whatever form it comes at you. Pain and discomfort are inevitable, so get ready my friends!

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There is Growth On the Other Side of Pain

So, if you’re on a personal development journey, you’ve probably done some self-analysis and reflected on your life. This is essential getting rid of characteristics and attributes that do not serve us. Furthermore, during this inventory of your past, did you notice periods of growth? It’s likely this growth came from trials and tribulations. The refiner’s fire of life is a real thing. And the heat that comes from that life can force you to push through the pain or retreat. But why would you want to give up? I don’t think people are natural born quitters. Many out there don’t realize their potential to face uncomfortable, trying situations and come out victorious. If you have a desire to reach your maximum potential in life, you should welcome all types of pain. Cruising through life will not bring growth and will even create laziness and regression.

Push through the pain and face your fears!

Let me make a disclaimer by saying, I know this approach on how to push through the pain may be overly simplistic. There are many circumstances in life I have never experienced and will never be able to understand. Life is really hard, filled with tragedy, pain and suffering. Honestly, it’s easy to see how all of these happenings could cause someone to be pessimistic or bitter. However, this doesn’t have to the case my friends. Run toward these unfortunate facts of life and push through the pain. Have faith that a reward is waiting for you on the other side of your unique struggle. Moreover, look at life’s hills and valleys as steppingstones, rather than stumbling block. You’ve got this!

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Thoughts From The Author

Thanks for being here! This site has become an online journal for my life. And my hope is that someone can benefit from my experiences. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life but strive to grow constantly. God has a plan for you and me. Consequently, we need to remain humble and openminded to find out what that plan is. If you’re open to more inspiration to help you push through the pain the checkout Everyone Is Struggling, Find Something To Live For and Being A Late Bloomer. I also recommend to stellar articles titled Emotional Wreck: How Do You Cope, This is Your Moment and the Best Motivational Audio Books! And for the parent of a youngster 9 Teen Boy Haircut Ideas is a must read. Continue that mission to push through the pain and get a reward for your struggles. God Bless my friends!