Expect the Best!

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Expect the Best in Life!

As I’m sitting here at home after a couple of days on the job, I had an impression to offer some motivational words to someone in need out there. And those words are, “Expect the Best”! Why, you may ask? Well, there was a time when life was uncertain and overall hectic, for a long time. So, my views on outcomes and the future were to simply expect the worst. Yes, I was downright bitter and pessimistic about everyone and everything. Nowadays I expect the best because you generally get out of life what you put into it all. We’ll call it karma. Furthermore, when you expect the best in life, you’re more or less signaling to the world that good things are coming your way. If you’re a in dark place in life, filled with doubt, don’t give up. Thanks for being here!

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Find Your Reasons & Expect the Best!

Try Not to Live in the Past!

As I attempt to encourage someone reading this to expect the best moving forward, it’s important to understand why you’d struggle with this in the first place. But why should you listen to me anyway? I’m a registered nurse who’s worked in behavioral health for over a decade. Furthermore, I’ve got 16 years of recovery from addiction. So, I’ve had to do some self-analysis, work through the steps of A.A. and learn from mistakes. However, this does not make me better than anyone else. I’ve simply come to understand human behavior a bit from the path I’ve walked in life. Therefore, in order to expect the best in life, you need to address the past and understand where any pessimistic thoughts come from. It’s like an albatross around your neck, weighing you down.

"Breathe. It's just a bad day, not a bad life." -Johnny Depp, expect the best

Look Inside to Expect the Best!

In order to expect the best for your life, you’ll need to look inside yourself first. Moreover, I’m thinking about a dark time in my life, living on a couch in a beat up, rundown trailer. At this time, I was barely alive. I had some pending legal issues hanging over my head, next to no positive influence around and was looking at a dark future. Basically, I had no reason to expect the best at that moment in time. But why? Clearly this was unrelated to anyone or entity. Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken accountability for my current situation in life. Moreover, if I was unable to expect the best in my life, it was all on me. A pessimistic, bitter outlook on life is pretty simple if you ask me. Sure, life will throw things at you that you can’t control.

Expect the Best & a Baby Boy!

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Stand Your Ground & Expect the Best!

Do the Next Indicated Thing!

So, what did I learn from this dark period in my life? Well, in order to expect the best and a brighter future I had to start making positive moves to crawl out of the hole I was living in. Someone once said, ‘if you’re in a hole, then stop digging’. And if I’m struggling to expect the best moving forward then it’s on me to do the next indicated thing and turn the ship around. Basically, I started small by doing what I could. You can do the same if you’re having difficulty seeing the sun rising on your struggles. Firstly, I got sober and got a dependable job so I could pay my bills and meet my responsibilities. Then, I resolved my legal issues and changed my friends and associations. Not surprisingly, I could almost immediately see good things happening.

Get Back Up & Expect the Best!

Stop Blaming & Expect the Best!

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably done some work on yourself. Therefore, like me, you’ve most likely been guilty of playing the victim and blaming others for unfortunate events. Those who expect the best perform some self-analysis and take responsibility for their life. And this is liberating to stop being pissed off at everyone and everything. Getting that figurative, bitter monkey off your back is a relief! Change what you can, accept what you cannot and hold your head high. When circumstances that are out of your control come at you, just know that you’ll make it through. So, clean up the wreckage of the past, look inward to fix what you can, and one day at a time, you’ll find you can expect the best in your future my friends!

"The only way to change is to change your behavior every day." -Russell Brand, expect the best

Thoughts From the Author

Let me start by saying that I really appreciate you being on this page. I truly hope that you’ll expect the best moving forward. It’s my prayer that after reading this motivational article, you’ll see the world through a new set of glasses. Just keep moving forward! Please expect the best in life and share this article with someone in need of an inspirational boost. Also, check out Keep Believing, 7 Reasons to Stop Being Too Nice and Spiritual Growth Quotes. Furthermore, How to Support Your Pregnant Wife, My Wife is Pregnant, Now What and Inspiring Hero Quotes are special to my heart. Each sentence and paragraph here have been composed with much thought and consideration. If you’re in a dark place don’t quit, keep your head up and expect the best my friends! Don’t quit before the miracle happens. God Bless! -The Good Guy