When Your Whole Life Changes

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When Your Whole Life Changes, Just Breathe!

Sometimes everything changes in the blink of an eye. When your whole life changes it’s best to have faith, be patient & just enjoy the ride! Thanks for being here for another inspired article. I hope this post finds you well and adjusting to the challenges and curveballs that will inevitably come your way. So, after 9 long months of pregnancy, my wife gave birth to our perfect, little boy, about two weeks ago. Now, this event basically sparked the desire to write down a few insights and share some perspectives with someone in the hunt for direction. When your whole life changes it’s important to live in the moment and just take it all in. But maybe you’re an experienced parent or an individual who copes well with massive life events. If that’s the case, congrats. I solute you!

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When Your Whole Life Changes & Audible!
Our baby boy arrived recently! He’s a miracle from God!

Take It All In Stride!

So, when your whole life changes, what do you do? Well, you just take it all in stride. One day at a time, you can do anything you put your mind to. And with our newborn son teaching my wife and I a whole new set of life skills, this is essentially advice to myself. Unfortunately, it’s easy to go to negative places and expect the worst when life starts to pile it all on you. The fact is that most of that wild stuff bouncing around in your head never happens anyway. Therefore, all that pointless worrying will only lead to sleepless nights and stress on top of stress. If you’ve got someone you can call, pick up the phone and ask for insight. To our benefit, there are many who have trudged the road and path we’re on. There’s no shame in saying you don’t know something.

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When Your Whole Life Changes, Believe!

When your whole life changes, you most definitely do not want to lose hope. Believe in good things to come. I encourage those going through struggles to focus on what you can change and try to surrender what you cannot change. Coincidentally, this reminds me of the serenity prayer the members of A.A recite during recovery meetings. When your whole life changes, it can take a while to get your bearings. Having a newborn is a bit like being a freshman in high school or starting a new job. At first, it’s very daunting and feels overwhelming. However, with a vision of good things to come, I believe that baby steps will carry me and my family towards a happy and wholesome life with our new son.

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Try Not to Demand Perfection…

I can speak firsthand to this concept as a recovering perfectionist. When your whole life changes, trying not to demand perfection from yourself or others can really lighten the burden of a heavy situation. Currently, things are pretty heavy with a newborn at home. Outside issues seems to become amplified, like gas on the fire. Furthermore, when circumstances get overwhelming, knee-jerk reactions can occur. My wife and I are living moment to moment but deep down there’s faith that “perfection” can manifest somehow, somewhere. However, when you’re in a problem and feeling like you’re going to drown, it can be a struggle to remain optimistic and have faith. It will be alright in the end my friends.

When your whole life changes, take heart.

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Life Will Hit You Pretty Hard!

You may be wondering why you should trust a recovered alcoholic when it comes to life insights. Well, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and continue to do so. As a new father, I’m reminded of my imperfections at each moment of the day. However, despite my shortcomings, I’ve navigated some hard times and can tell you when your whole life changes, expect some hard hits! And we’re all going to get knocked down my friends. But if you can look up then you can get up and the fight is only done if you stay on the ground. So, wherever you are, take heart that you’ve got what it takes to overcome any mountain in your way. If things seem bleak and dark, just keep moving forward and the sun will rise on your dark night!

When your whole life changes, get back up!

Thoughts From The Author

Thank you for being here and supporting this inspirational movement. I hope this post finds you well and making progress on your personal development journey. Please share the content you’ve found to be of value here with someone in need of help. Everyone is struggling so passing a motivational message along can be an answer to someone’s prayers. Keep your eyes to the sky and check out some additional articles on this site. All I Have Are Negative Thoughts and Live in the Moment are powerful compositions. So, when your whole life changes, keep believing! This is your moment so rise above it all. God bless! -The Good Guy

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When your whole life changes and Audible!