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quotes about courage and faith

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Welcome to this powerful article on quotes about courage and faith! I hope this post finds you doing well while having courage and faith on the way to your hopes and dreams. The quotes you’ll find here have been inspirational to me recently, as to countless others over the years. Anyone can possess these powerful attributes and use them for the benefit of others. Unfortunately, I think many believe courage and faith are relegated to those perceived to be famous or powerful. However, I would argue that it was the possession of courage and faith that placed these individuals in a position to speak on them. Therefore, I encourage you to fight on as I share some inspirational quotes about courage and faith.

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courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyways, john wayne, quotes about courage and faith

John Wayne-Saddle Up Anyway!

Quotes about courage and faith like this one from John Wayne make think of the adage, ‘hard is not bad’. Sadly, our society believes life should come with ease and endless comfort. While this is a nice thought, it’s far from a reality. Furthermore, I have to admit to being guilty of wishing as much myself. But growth comes from hard things and saddling up when you’re scared to death is an epic description for courage and faith. Moreover, it is these fearful moments can define a person and situation. And quotes about faith and courage can provide the motivation to rise to the occasion and be memorable!

if you're going through hell, keep going, winston churchill, quotes about courage and faith

Winston Churchill-Keep Going!

The late Winston Churchill knows about going through hard times. And quotes about courage and faith like this one is straightforward. Just keep going! However, the dilemma is ‘going through hell’ and maintaining a positive state of mind. Have the whereabouts to remain focused, upbeat and optimistic will ultimately build true character. Moreover, everyone is struggling but you may or may not know this. How a person carries themselves in a trial can ultimately have a profound effect on those around them. Basically, if you lose it when times are tough and tragedy strikes, then others may lose their cool as well. So, keep your head up, smile if you can and keep on my friends!

luke 1,37, for with god nothing shall be impossible

Luke 1:37-Nothing Shall Be Impossible!

What’s better than a Bible verse and quotes about courage and faith? There are few resources for courage and faith than the Good Book. By starting off with surrendering to your current situation, a believer of God can then say, ‘thy will, not my will be done’. Furthermore, with this change of heart we can put the work in and trust the outcome to the Lord. It’s in our darkest times when a breath and a prayer can provide that courage and faith to keep moving toward the light. ‘Nothing shall be impossible’ with God on your team. He’s like the ultimate general, or quarterback since we’re still in football season!

Quotes about Courage and Faith & Baby Boy Shumway in 2024!

Quotes about Courage and Faith & Baby Boy Shumway in 2024!
courage is not the absence of fear but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear, franklin d roosevelt, quotes about courage and faith

F.D.R.-What’s More Important Than Fear?

So, it’s fitting that a couple of historical figures in the article on quotes about courage and faith were political leaders in times of war. Can you imagine the constitution it would require to be courageous and have faith in a positive outcome then? Well, at the heart of this message by the late Franklin D. Roosevelt is determining that self-preservation and climbing to a higher level of existence is more important than fear. If someone or something threatens your wellbeing, you take action, right? However, only you can decide whether or not to stand tall, fight back and stand your ground in the face of adversity. The night is always darkest before the dawn and the sun will rise!

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these are the times that try men's souls, thomas paine

Thomas Paine-This is Your Time!

Thomas Paine was an important historical figure and revolutionary war would definitely ‘try men’s souls’. However, you and I may never go through a war, our own trials and tribulations can be equally daunting. So, what do you when times get tough. Above all else, do not lose hope. Quotes about courage and faith like this tell me I’m at a crossroad when times get tough. I can bear down, have true grit and push through or cower and go home. I believe courage and faith are embedded in our DNA as humans and we’re not meant to be quitters. We are fighters with durable souls, capable of more than you know! So, don’t quit before the miracle happens!

Quotes about courage and Faith & Audible!

find inspiration on audible, audible
Quotes about Courage and Faith & Audible!

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I hope you enjoyed this article on quotes about courage and faith! These messages give me strength to keep pushing forward in life and I hope they empower you as well. Basically, this site has become an online journal and resource for personal development, and I desire is to share it with the world. So, if you were able to find value here, I encourage you to check out some additional inspirational content on My Blog! True Faith Quotes, Growth Mindset Quotes and The Best Books on Faith are important reads for spiritual strength. And for more motivational content check out The Road to Success Quotes, Rising Above Quotes and Inspiring Hero Quotes. Each sentence and paragraph have been composed with thought, prayer and consideration. Fight on my friends and God bless! -The Good Guy