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Do you ever wonder what brings certain people to saying inspiring words? Well, it was probably overcoming adversity, even when things looked bleak. And a quote was born! Rising above quotes are part of my lifestyle and I’m on a constant mission to find the most inspirational quotes and share them with you. Moreover, these rising above quotes have given me strength to keep going forward when I was tempted to quit and give up the fight. Heros or successful individuals are essentially normal people who rose above the moment. So, I’ve compiled a list of motivational quotes that I believe will keep you fired up to success in life. So, fight on my friends and share these rising above quotes with someone in need!

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Rising Above Quotes & Audible!
a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles, christopher reeve, rising above quotes

Christopher Reeve-You’re a Hero!

Rising above quotes like this one from the late Christopher Reeve give a normal guy like me hope. Also, it’s fitting that he coincidentally played a superhero on the big screen. When you think about “heroes”, they’re simply normal individuals who were put in extraordinary situations and rose to the occasion. Doesn’t this give you hope? Furthermore, the next time you’re presented with a challenge, picture yourself as the hero in the movie, refusing to shy away from greatness! You can be quoted in a blog post or even your own life movie as an inspirational figure. Also, you can be listed in rising above quotes for all to read and be inspired by!

the ultimate measure of a is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at time of challenge and controversy, Martin luther king, jr, rising above quotes

Martin Luther King, Jr.-Stand Up!

No one knows about rising above quotes quite like the legendary, historical figure MKL Jr. And reading this message makes me think of growth. When life is without trials it’s easy to become relaxed. Only when we are faced with adversity and opposition are we tested. Infact it’s easy to get lazy and even regress if life does not challenge us. So, does this mean we should actually welcome difficulties and chances to grow? An inspired man named Henry B Eyring gave a powerful talk once called Mountains to Climb. Check out the video below!

Rising Above Quotes & Mountains to Climb!

Mountains to Climb & Rising Above Quotes!

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i hated every minute of training but i said, don't quit, suffer and live the rest of your life as a champion, muhammad ali

Muhammad Ali-You’re a Champion!

Greatness doesn’t come easy. So, why would anyone think pain wouldn’t be part of the journey to the top? Muhammad Ali is part of my rising above quotes because he undoubtedly knew what it took! Surely, you’ve heard the phrase “embrace the suck”. Life is going to be painful and downright awful at times. Much of our suffering at these times come from the mental anguish of it all. Anguish from the denial of your circumstances. Acceptance and surrender to discomfort and unfavorable situations can be liberating. Next time you’re faced with “the suck” tell yourself there’s a reward waiting on the other side. Then, you’ll be a champion like Ali!

J.K. Rowling-Rock Bottom is the Start!

When it comes to rising above quotes, these powerful words by J.K. Rowling speak to my heart. There was a time in my life when I was couch hoping and basically homeless. Due to an addiction to alcohol, I was struggling with at the time, I was at a fork in the road. Keep living a sad, depressing life or start to climb out of the hole I had dug for myself. One day at a time, I feasted on humble pie, met my obligations and started making wise decisions. Moreover, rock bottom can be the foundation for anyone in a dark time. Above all, never lose hope! Rising above quotes such as this can be your turning point in life. So, fight on & keep the faith in better days to come!

Rising Above Quotes & Baby Shumway!

Rising Above Quotes & Baby Boy Shumway in 2024!
the greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time you fall, nelson mandela, rising above quotes

Nelson Mandela-Always Rising!

One of my favorite adages is that “you only fail if you quit”. And rising above quotes like this one from Nelson Mandela speak to the heart of perception. Unfortunately, too many view failure as the end. Firstly, they are afraid to fail and never take shots. Secondly, if someone fails, they become discouraged rather than looking at the failure as an opportunity to rise! Therefore, tell yourself that you’re never out of the fight. Turn your perspective around and life will take on a whole new meaning. As a newlywed I’ve had to apply this concept to working with another person every day, reaching compromise and above all else, patience. An argument or disagreement is not the end, but the beginning. They are opportunities to rise above!

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Rising Above Quotes & Audible!

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Thank you so much for being here! I hope you are doing well and making progress on your personal development journey. If you’ve found value in these rising above quotes, then I encourage you to check out some additional powerful articles on this site. The Road to Success Quotes, Growth Mindset Quotes and True Faith Quotes are favorites of mine that gave me strength by writing. Also, Positive Vibe Quotes, Pearls of Wisdom Quotes and Quotes about Courage and Faith articles I hope will provide strength to keep moving in life. You are powerful and capable of more than you know. So don’t quit no matter what. Good things are waiting for you over the horizon. God Bless! -The Good Guy