My Wife Is Pregnant, Now What?

baby shumway due march 25, 2024, my wife is pregnant, now what
My Wife is Pregnant, Now What? Baby Shumway Due March 25, 2024. Blessed!

THe Breakdown: My Wife Is Pregnant, Now What?

Yes, you guessed right my friends! My wife is pregnant, now what? Well, this isn’t my first rodeo. Actually, I had a go at marriage back in my 20s. Unfortunately, I was way too young, dumb and clearly not ready to settle down and be a family man. Fastforward to 45 and the world looks much different. I’ve lived quite a bit, figured out a few things along the way and never thought I’d be changing diapers when many parents are planning what to do as empty nesters. Coincidentally, life is stranger than fiction, which provides a ton of stellar material for a blog article like this. In the words of Ferris Bueller, “life moves pretty fast…”. With that legendary segway, I offer some thoughts on what’s next if your wife is pregnant. Also, this information can be for the O.G. or the beginner dad!

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My Wife is Pregnant Now What?

Life Moves Pretty Fast!

My Wife is Pregnant, Now What?

Now What? Get Ready For Doctor Visits

So, my wife is pregnant, now what? Well, prepare for several doctor visits. As I’m updating this article my wife is a exactly 17 weeks, 3 days. Consequently, how far along your wife is can change your outlook. But this can change the weight gain expectancy and help a woman know when she can anticipate the awful morning sickness to end. I touched on some of the symptoms of pregnancy in a previous article. Not to get too technical, but a woman’s due date and gestation is calculated by the last time your wife had her period. Gross, I know. If I haven’t mentioned yet, I’m a registered nurse and know more about pregnancy than any man should. Basically, a woman’s doctor visit schedule will depend on how it progresses and some other factors. These are questions you’ll definitely what to run by your wife’s doctor. Take notes!

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Your wife will want to shop

After our doctor visit with the first ultrasound last week, my wife immediately had a burning desire to go check out baby gear. Furthermore, she was taking pics of what she wanted and making all kinds of plans. She said the ultrasound experience made it more realistic. My wife said it gave her something to look forward to other than nausea and constipation. Yep, that’s a thing too. If you’re a first-time dad and your expectant wife is dragging you through this experience, you’re probably a little overwhelmed. Don’t be! It will all shake out like everything else in life. Fast forward to when the baby is almost here, you can expect her to begin what’s called “nesting”. This phenomenon could be compared to a bird getting the “nest” ready for the baby bird to hatch. Your wife may start cleaning, organizing, reorganizing, usually around the third trimester.

Lots of Snacks and Bathroom Breaks

Now that your wife is pregnant, prepare for lots of snack breaks. Immediately after our initial visit, where did my wife go? You guessed it, to the pizza place! She’s had a craving for a pizza joint around the corner. If she doesn’t eat every 2 hours or so, she literally gets stomach pains that lead to nausea and frustration. She’s also become really frustrated by the frequent trips to the bathroom that will wake her up at night and interrupt her work schedule. Unfortunately, this has affected her sleep schedule a bit. My wife and I have planned to have quick, nutritious snacks and meals around that she can have easy access to. Also, don’t become discouraged if you find that you’re eating different foods at different times than your wife. When a pregnant woman gets a craving for something, get out of the way!

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baby hand in parent's hand
Baby Hand in Parent’s Hand

Be Very Patient

So, my wife is pregnant now what? Be patient! Maybe you’re a guy who’s already patient with your wife. That’s a great thing. To be honest, this segment is mainly for myself as a soon-to-be father. The goal is to remember that your expectant mother is going through a lot of changes. And many of these are uncomfortable and can even be scary and uncertain. If she becomes short with you or seems frustrated, don’t take it personally. Just breathe and say lots of “I’m sorry babe”. Lots of hormones that support the pregnancy and basically help create life are pulling your wife in many ways. Ask her what you can do for her. Fill her water cup, ask her if she needs to eat or suggest a nap if she’s able. She’ll love you more for it, I promise. Also, external support for dudes can be beneficial during pregnancy.

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The Wrap Up: My Wife Is Pregnant Now What?

My wife is pregnant, now what? Well, hopefully you’ve got a few ideas of what to look forward to during pregnancy. Furthermore, this article was inspired by my recent trip with my pregnant wife to our first ultrasound. I’ve mentioned I am a registered nurse, so I am relatively familiar with the prenatal period. Hopefully you took some good information from this article that I put a lot of time. It’s not meant to be all inclusive but to simply share me and my wife’s experience in a personal, encouraging manner, that hopefully brought a laugh or too. However, I would encourage you to do your own research if you and your wife are pregnant. Be sure to follow up with your own licensed provider if you’re expecting. Best of luck my friends!

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My Wife is Pregnant Now What?

Thanks so much for being here to read about pregnant wives and hopefully feel enlightened. This website space has become a lifeline for channeling what’s going on inside my head. So, I never considered myself eloquent in speech, but I do enjoy writing. If you have landed here, I sincerely appreciate your time and attention. Some may call me blunt, frank or rude. If that’s the case, I apologize. I think you, me and everyone else should say what’s on our mind! If you like what you’ve read here, send me a message.

My Wife is Pregnant, Now What? Rocky Motivation!

Thoughts From The Author

Firstly, these articles are fun and exciting to compose and share with people. So, thanks again for being here and supporting. My wife is pregnant, now what? It’s possible you need some pointers on how to better support her. Furthermore, maybe you’re on a personal development journey as well? If so, check out some additional articles and share as well! I recommend What is a Bonus Dad, Everyone Is Struggling and Find Something To Live For. And a personal topic to me is a read named All I Have Are Negative Thoughts and 5 Steps to Overcoming Porn Addiction. If you’re in a dark place, don’t quite my friends. Fight on and God Bless! –The Good Guy