Cool Accessories for Teen Boys

The Breakdown: Cool Accessories for Teen Boys

Welcome back to another exciting blog article about personal growth, family life and being a dad! Nevertheless, if you’re a mom and reading this blog, I really appreciate you being here too. I’m pumped to bring you some insider info from my bonus son and the cool accessories for teen boys that I’m seeing in 2023. He and his buddies also call these accessories “swag” or “drip”. However, it’s kind of cool terminology, I can’t allow him to think he’s too cool. Why? Because my generation from the 90s was the epitome of “cool”. Most of what they’re putting on to turn heads, is merely a modified version of we did first. So, having said all that, here are some fun accessory ideas for your teen boy this year.

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Legendary Crocs

So, let me start of by saying I’m a registered nurse and have donned a few Crocs in my day. However, over a decade ago when they came on the scene, they were functional and absolutely not a fashion statement. Somehow Crocs have a become one of the cool accessories for teen boys in 2023. Young boys are wearing them every way you can imagine. The style seems to be calf-high socks and shorts. You may also see teens wearing their Crocs with sweatpants as well. The wild thing about these cool accessories is the array of colors you’ll find them coming in. Even though the crocs were once for the healthcare professional only, those days are gone, and the younger generation started a movement with these things.

cool accessories for teen boys

The Weirdest Word Ever: Jibbitz

What in the world are “jibbitz” you may ask? I had to ask the same question when I first heard about them. I was walking down the hallway at the hospital with a coworker and told her that my bonus son had similar pieces stuck in his Crocs. Jibbitz are definitely cool accessories for teen boys and taking the world by storm! They come in any theme you can imagine and are the flare for your teen boy’s Crocs. My son is all about the sports teams and leans toward NBA basketball jibbitz. These little nic nacs go with the Croc like peanut butter and jelly!

Cool Accessory: Pro Sports Ball Cap

Without a doubt, the pro sports ball cap is something I could talk about for days! This is one of those cool accessories for teens that has never went out of style. I see my bonus son mainly rocking MLB & NBA team logo hats. Kids nowadays don’t bend the bill like we did back in the 90s and they’ll even leave the stickers on the cap. You’ll see a mix of fitted as well as snap back ball caps. And New Era seems to be the popular brand, just like back in the 90s. Some of teens will even style their ball caps with shiny pins that are pretty cool. Be careful when purchasing your teen a pro sports cap though, it may end up turning into a shoe-like addiction. They can’t have just one!

The “Hey Dude” shoe

To be honest, I’ve been on the fence about this cool accessory for teen boys, and I’m a grown man! They’re almost dressy enough. However, I just see someone walking around the house in these, kind of like the Croc. But the “Hey Dude” are supposed to be comfortable, though I’ve never tried a pair on. My bonus son wears them to his private school so someone in administration seems to think this shoe is a dressy option. They come in a variety of colors and patterns so your teen boy will be looking stylish and fresh in his drip!

Nike Dunks

Of all the cool accessories for teen boys on this list, the Nike Dunk has to wrap it up as the most iconic! This has a nostalgia and good vides surrounding the shoe that just takes me back to the glory days. The Nike Dunk are about as versatile as any shoe out there. Kids dress them up and dress them down. And if you’ve looked into the variety and colors options and themes? Forget about it! Although I can’t get behind every trend on this list, I 100% support this throwback. Without a doubt, every teen boy should have a pair of these in their wardrobe. So, check out the Amazon link above to look around!

The Ultimate Accessory: Apple Watch

Now, the Apple Watch made the list because my teen son has one. It’s handy for going to his dad’s, because he splits time there, and we haven’t given him an actual phone yet. It’s simple for messaging and telling time obviously. However, I legit feel I’m probably the only person without one. And I’m not just talking about teen boys and their cool accessories. There are knock offs available out there, but I do realize many are part of the iPhone cult and wouldn’t be caught buying an imposter version.

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Polarized Sunglasses

Without a doubt, these are one of the most random accessories and trends to come along since “Macho Man” Randy Savage rocked them in the WWF! I see my bonus son wearing them out on the baseball field. They’re great for visibility if your teen is trying to scoop up a fly ball. The polarized sunglass comes in many colors and designs. the Pit Viper brand is highly popular but there are other brands out there as well. You may see your teen boy sporting them upside down on their hat or head. With this cool accessory, all his buddies will be wanting their own!

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Cool Accessories & Inspiration on Audible!

The Wrap Up: Cool Accessories for Teen Boys

So, there are many cool accessories for teen boys out there in 2023. And like most of the content you’ll find on this site, once again, I was inspired by my son and the trends he brings home. But I guess we should give mama-who’s pregnant-some kudos for her eye for style. Like most parents out there, I’m sure you wouldn’t let your teen boy go out looking like a homeless bum. Check back regularly here for updates to the articles and more information from yours truly, on how to level up your life and your family’s. Thanks for being here my friends! Hopefully you’ve found something of value and maybe you followed the affiliate links here to find some cool swag or drip for your teen boy. I enjoy every word that goes into this site. Please send me a message if you liked it! -The Good Guy

Cool Accessories and Growing Family! Baby Boy Shumway 2024!

Thoughts From The Author

It’s a pleasure to have you here on this site my friends. As a man’s man, I get young boys as well. We speak the same language. So, if you’re a parent looking for insights to making your youngster look cool, I hope this article on cool accessories for teen boys was of value to you. Furthermore, if he’s a gamer then check out Xbox One Games for Teens! However, if you’re on a personal development journey, I recommend reading The Best Leadership Books of 2023 and the Best Self Help Audio Books to assist you in parenting. And on a personal level to me, considering checking out and sharing My Big Fat Weight Loss Story and Find Something to Live For. Each article is carefully composed with much thought and prayer. All are dear to my heart. Thanks for being here and God Bless!