9 Teen Boy Haircut Ideas

The breakdown: Teen boy haircut ideas

So, you’re probably reading this article because you’ve got a teen boy in your life and you’re on the hunt for some haircut ideas. Though I’m not a hairstylist, I do consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on teen boy haircut ideas for several reasons. First of all, I grew up in the epic 90s where versions of today’s styles originated. For the record, 90s culture was the height of American culture, full stop! Also, I’m a man who has at least tried some version of these hairstyles at some point in my life. And lastly, I have experience being a father to tween and teen boys who think they’re cool for their hairstyle my generation obviously is to blame for. Having given you my credibility for taking on such a topic, here are 9 teen boy haircut ideas, in no particular order.

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Teen Boy Haircut Ideas & Audible!
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The Undercut

Longer haircuts are most definitely making a comeback in 2023. The undercut is absolutely a popular teen boy haircut idea, also referred to as the combover. It seems like older teens are gravitating to this hairstyle and is reminiscent of young Leo in the 90s, minus the longer sides of course. If this style gets any longer, your teen may be rocking the man bun, as the short sides go hand in hand with that style.

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The Side Part

My brother is a hair stylist and used to rant about the “tight fades” he could do. The short sides that go along with the side part are absolutely a popular style idea among the younger tween boys I see my 12-year-old hanging out with. This may come with a permanent “hard part” that gives the illusion that your teen boy’s hair is always parted. It’s convenient but takes some time and a good, patient stylist or barber to help you through the growing out process. This style can be more comfortable in hot summer months, when it’s muggy outside.

Buzz cut, haircut, teen, boy, ideas

The Buzzcut

The buzzcut is a low maintenance, haircut idea for teen boys, as it may not require as much styling. It has elements of the side part in that this style is shorter on the sides. I’ve seen boys put a hard part on the side as well and go much shorter on top too. Your teen boy can grow it a little longer as well and possibly use some gel or pomade to give it some flare. This will offer more comfort in the summer months as there’s clearly less hair on your teen boy’s head. However, I’ve noticed with my bonus son who’s currently rocking a mix of the buzzcut and combover, frequent trips to the stylist or barber may be required to keep it fresh.

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The Textured Crop

The textured crop style seems to be more popular among older teens and a more relaxed, unkempt hairstyle. As teen boys become more confident and independent, this style gives off a rebellious vibe and says “don’t tell me what to do”. How do I know? Well, I was a teen boy circa 96′ doing my thing with a long, medium-length due. My dad hated it and constantly complained about the need to chop it off. I’ve seen teen boys put styling products in the textured crop as well to give it a wet look. Depending on the curl, this style could resemble the perm, which we’ll get into shortly.

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The Mullet Style

You’ll notice in the picture above the teen boy with the mullet has a big grin on his face. If you were around for the 90s you probably remember a one-hit-wonder artist by the name of Billy Ray Cyrus. I feel as if he put the mullet on the map. However, I do recall being at one of my older boys’ basketball games and literally seeing half the players on the court with one form of the mullet or other. It is back without a doubt. And you have to give the kid rocking it kudos because it does take confidence. If your teen boy decides he wants a “Billy Ray” mullet, just smile because it shouldn’t last too long.

faux hawk

The faux hawk

The faux hawk-supposed to be a version of the mohawk-is probably the least popular of the teen boy haircut ideas on this list. This was popular back in the 2000’s during the boy band era of the times. However, you will see this in the teen boy scene, it’s more likely to resemble the side part and undercut but shorter. The style in the picture above is a bit extreme. And it’s ironic that the frosted, blonde tips are making a comeback. Again, it’s another style that 90’s made big! Yep, we own that.

The Shaggy Cut

The shaggy cut is a highly popular teen boy haircut nowadays. When I see young kids rockin’ the shaggy cut, I think of old pictures of my dad back in the 70s sporting the bell-bottom jeans and butterfly collared shirts. Man, don’t you wish you could’ve lived back then? This style is more difficult to flaunt if your boy has fine, straight hair. As previously mentioned, I do have first-hand experience with hair styles because I evolved through versions of each style on this list. I tried for years to grow my hair out to resemble the shaggy cut or something longer, but it wasn’t in the cards. This style requires more coarse, wavy hair to be manageable and look good. At any rate, give it the old college try!

middle part

The Middle Part

The middle part is becoming one of the more popular haircut ideas for teen boys. If you recall, the legendary Leonardo Dicaprio was set as the image for this article, setting the precedent for what the middle part should look like. Some teen boys will shave the sides up under and put it up in a ponytail, especially if it’s in that awkward phase where it gets in your face. Back in the 90s we called this “the bowl cut” and here it is again in 2023. Like the shaggy cut, a boy having more coarse, wavy hair makes this style more appealing and manageable.

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The Perm

In my opinion, the perm is like the mullet, and shouldn’t even be a style. However, it’s 2023, and like the rest of society being all mixed up, so is the perm. My ex-wife said this actually is a thing after I saw a picture of my daughter with her boyfriend of the time. My sister, who’s an ex-hair stylist, explained how you can make the perm curls tighter or looser. I imagine, this would require more work depending on how curly your teen boy’s hair is to begin with. Perming hair can also cause damage to healthy hair. As mentioned before, the perm shouldn’t be a style but is. I’m pretty sure Justin Timberlake permed out back in the 2000s. And I digress.

Teen Boy Haircut ideas & Baby Shumway!

Teen boy haircut ideas & a Growing Family!

The Wrap UP: Teen Boy Haircut Ideas

There is no shortage of teen boy haircut ideas out there in 2023. However, there does seem to be a trend as a boy grows from a young tween to high schooler though. That trend being the hair seems to get longer as the boy matures. Is this a circle of life that comes around every generation or so? It seems to be that way. I’m sure my father before said the same of my young, rowdy generation. If you’re reading this article, then you’ve no doubt been baffled by your teen boy’s styles at times. Be patient and just breathe. In a generation, they’ll be looking back on the styles of their day in the same manner. Need ideas on parenting your tween boy? Checkout Cool Accessories for Teen Boys and Cool Hobbies for Teens. -The Good Guy And message with any questions or feedback.

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Teen Boy Haircut Ideas & Audible!

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