Live in the Moment!

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Live in the Moment & Thrive!

Thanks for being here for another inspired article! Live in the moment is the message I want to share with you. So, we all know how easy it is to get distracted and life can pull you 101 different ways. However, too much of that is trivial and really unimportant in the grand scheme. As I was tucking in my bonus son recently, it was a great opportunity to live in the moment and connect. He was having a hard time sleeping so, I got him some milk and we chatted briefly. Isn’t it grand to set aside the electronic devices, ignore all the static and mindless diversions and focus on what’s important? At the end of the day, human interaction with our loved ones and friends will become the priority. Therefore, let’s look at some perks to being present as well as how to better live in the moment.

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"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." -Michael Jordan

Prioritze Your Life!

As I’m sitting here writing this blog post, I reflect on my priorities over the years. When you prioritize your life, you’re better able to live in the moment. Nowadays a good night’s rest and peace with my family seems to be the most important thing in my life. Furthermore, I’m reflecting on my previous obsession with possessions and valuables in my younger days. So, when I strive to live in the moment, I’m not focused on what kind of vehicle I drive or the clothes on my back. Connections to my wife and the quality of life of those I come in contact with have risen to the top of the importance list in my life. Surely, you’ve heard the phrase ‘you can’t take it with you’. Essentially, tangible things and money will remain on this earth when we pass on so strive to live in the moment.

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Find Out What Makes You Tick!

Now this may seem like silly but hear me out. It’s my theory and experience in life that people run into problems simply because they don’t have enough going on in their lives. When you find out what makes you tick, you’re able to live in the moment because your life will be fulfilling. So, pick up a hobby, find some new friends and put yourself out there. ‘Idle hands are the tool of the devil’. So, boost your spirituality through prayer and worship. You’ll need to look at your whole person to find out what makes you tick and better live in the moment. Rest up, eat healthy and exercise as well. Moreover, strive to resolve conflict and interpersonal issues. These issues could be weighing you down whether you know it or not. And that could prevent you from being more present for the life you’re living.

Live in the Moment & Rocky Motivation!

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Serve Others & Live in the Moment!

So, this may seem like a simple concept on its face, but I’ve struggled my whole life to focus my energy outwardly. Serving others is a powerful way to live in the moment. Early on in sobriety, an old sponsor used to tell me to stop complaining and come pick him up to go to meetings. He didn’t care about my problems! Furthermore, I didn’t realize at the time, but he was doing me a favor. However, helping others will not get rid of your own problems, it can definitely minimize them for a moment. Also, when you can live in the moment by listening to another’s problems, perspective can come. You’d be surprised what you learn about the world when you lend an ear to a someone in distress. Try it my friends!

Live in the moment and believe in good things to come!

Believe in Good Things to Come!

When you’re optimistic about the future, it’s easier to set aside stress and control over outcomes and simply live in the moment. A positive outlook comes from personal development and building a sense of security through all-around growth. Think of this process like finding pieces to a puzzle, that come into your possession through patience and experience. Furthermore, once this picture comes into focus, peace and serenity will become part of who you are. Then you’ll be able to live in the moment. Now, is anyone perfect or able to be present at all times? Absolutely not. However, when you don’t quit, keep believing and continue to push forward in life, eventually all things will work out for your benefit. So, just breathe and give it your all!

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Thoughts From The Author

Thanks so much for being here again! It’s my pleasure to share this inspired message with someone seeking answers or hope to life’s questions. When you live in the moment, you’re able to share what you’ve learned with others. Moreover, you can become a beacon of hope to the world! If you’ve found value in this article, then I encourage you to read This is Your Moment and Future Tripping Ain’t a Good Thing. Furthermore, Live Life Without Regrets, Find Something to Live For and Focus On What You Can Control are powerful articles! Please share this article with someone who’s looking for direction in a dark time. Don’t quit before the miracle happens! I appreciate your support. God bless! -The Good Guy

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