WIth Contrast Comes Clarity!

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The Message: With Contrast Comes Clarity!

Welcome to another inspirational post to help you navigate life and all it has to offer. With contrast comes clarity is the message today. But what does this phrase mean to you? Furthermore, why you should you listen to me? Well, I’ve got 45 years under my belt, I’ve got 16 years of recovery from alcohol and have been working in behavioral health as a registered nurse for over a decade now. The concept of ‘with contrast comes clarity’ has been on my mind lately because life has been a bit of a roller coaster. However, life isn’t all bad, nor is it easy going all of the time either. So, how you do you fit into this back and forth? I guess figuring it all out is part of the beauty of life and the journey we’re on.

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With Contrast Comes Clarity & Audible!
"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." -Michael Jordan, With Contrast comes clarity

Get in the Fight of Life!

Firstly, if you’re here on this site and looking for some motivation, thanks so much for your presence! Do not lose hope my friends! With contrast comes clarity so being put through the gauntlet will be for your experience. Unfortunately, we live in a society that wants everything at the click of a button. Furthermore, people generally want it all to go smoothly, without resistance or opposition. But is this mindset realistic? Well, if you’ve done any personal or spiritual development, you know this is not in fact possible. Sitting back, glued to an electronic device may provide some short-term knowledge. However, to grow and find long term success, you’ll need to get out in the fight of life. So, don’t quit before the miracle happens!

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With Contrast Comes Clarity So Don’t Be Afraid to Fail!

What does getting into the fight of life look like for you? Personally, I think of being willing to get outside of your comfort zone. With contrast comes clarity and feeling what failure, disappointment, trial and error are like will ultimately provide that clarity. I think of successful individuals that I may know personally or even observe in the public light. Do you think they’ve taken their licks, been frustrated and even felt hopeless at times? You’re darn right they have! However, it’s in these defining moments when we have an opportunity to gain knowledge. With contrast comes clarity but we can only catch a glimpse of this by experiencing pain, sorrow and failure, among many other physical and emotional feelings.

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With Contrast Comes Clarity & Rocky Motivation!

We’re in the Battle of Our Lives!

Your time on this earth will be a struggle my friends. So, with contrast comes clarity is at the heart our existence while living day to day. Moreover, I’ve come to look at this struggle being between two opposing forces. Shoot, we can even call it a battle between good and evil. If you’re a believer, you can view it in the lens that God is trying to guide us to peace while the adversary is attempting to drag us down to pain and misery. And he’ll keep you down there if you let him. With contrast comes clarity in those moments when you’re tempted to throw in the towel but call on a power greater than yourself and rise from the ashes to feel the sunlight of happiness and comfort.

Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing shall be impossible." with contrast comes clarity

Expect Opposition in All things!

It is my belief and experience that we need to expect opposition in all things. With contrast comes clarity and we’ll be able to take the trials of life with more patience and understanding that we can navigate these turbulent waters successfully. However, we need to be actively engaged in a good cause and always moving forward in order gain insight and ultimately pass this wisdom along to the next generation. With contrast comes clarity, so have faith in good things to come. Furthermore, believe that with each bump or hurdle in life you’re becoming a more capable individual. No experience in life is insurmountable! Just breathe, live in the moment and know that the sun will rise on the dark night my friends!

With Contrast Comes Clarity & Baby Boy!

Thoughts From The Author

With contrast comes clarity is the message once again! Take everything that comes your way in life and chalk it up to experience. I hope you’re making progress on your personal development journey. Please share this post on social media and with someone looking for some support. Check out some additional inspired content on this site! Just Keep Moving Forward, Expect the Best and Keep Believing are powerful articles. Also, Why is Life So Hard Right Now, Spiritual Growth Quotes and Get Back Up Quotes will really motivate you or someone in need of a boost. Thanks so much for being here. Have faith and don’t quit no matter what! God Bless! -The Good Guy

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With Contrast Comes Clarity & Audible!