Don’t Quit Before the Miracle Happens!

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Don’t Quit Before the Miracle Happens!

Welcome to another inspired article my friends! Don’t quit before the miracle happens is the message I’d like to share today. But what does that mean? Too often individuals give up on a dream that was about to be realized and the regret can be overwhelming. And why do people become enthusiastic about a goal or dream, only to throw in the towel? Furthermore, why should you listen to me? Well, I’ve got 16 years of sobriety and put in a lot of work on personal development over the years. Also, I’m a registered nurse who’s worked in the behavioral health field for over a decade. Therefore, I’ve learned a bit about human behaviors. However, I am far from perfect and continue to learn every day.

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There is Always Hope!

So, I started this post with some encouragement. Don’t quit before the miracle happens. I actually share this phrase pretty often. It’s been on my mind recently because life has been trying. My wife and I have had a lot on our plate with being newlyweds and also expecting a new, baby boy in a few weeks. And it’s in these moments where it’s vital to believe that there is always hope. When the burdens of life seem too heavy, it’s essential to focus on the positive. Because life is never all bad. Even in the darkest of moments we can find happiness. Surely, you’ve been in circumstances you believed would never be resolved. But here you are, reading this motivational article and probably reflecting back. You kept the faith and didn’t lose hope!

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Take it All One Day at a Time!

This is a concept I learned early on in addiction recovery. Don’t quit before the miracle happens because you can get there one day at a time. So, think about any success you’ve experienced in your life. Did you get there over night? Most likely not. One day at a time you’ve done what it takes to arrive at your destination. Whether it was a job, degree, medical condition or a relationship, living in the moment and doing what it takes then, will help you realize that miracle. Furthermore, staying out of the future and doing the next indicated thing can reduce stress and fear. So, when your whole life changes, just breathe, give it your all and don’t quit before the miracle happens.

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Don’t Go it Alone!

It’s no secret that people can be stubborn and prideful. I’ll be the first to admit this. Very few out there will say they’re good with asking for help. Don’t quit before the miracle happens means you’re going to need a hand up on your path to happiness and peace. Moreover, some of the most successful people in life are in fact surrounded by capable individuals. And it’s vital to have someone you can call on for answers and perspective. No man is an island means you’re not going to get through the storms of life flying solo. So, you’re going to need a phone list of personal development gurus for different circumstances in life. You’re the sum of the five closed people in your life so, don’t quit before the miracle happens my friends!

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Don’t Quit Before the Miracle Happens!

Thank you for being here on this site. I will share the message with you one more time, don’t quit before the miracle happens! If you’re here, then you’re probably already on a personal development journey. So, please share this content with someone in need of some hope. We’re all on this journey together so, let’s boost each other up! If you found value in the content here, I encourage you to read and share some additional inspired articles. Inspiring Hero Quotes, Keep Believing and Push Through the Pain are powerful compositions. Also, Emotional Wreck: How Do You Cope and Inspiring Sobriety Quotes can help someone along their journey. So, don’t quit before the miracle happens and God bless! -The Good Guy

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