How to Support Your Pregnant Wife

The Breakdown for Men: How to Support Your Pregnant Wife Guide

Becoming a dad is one of the most exciting times in a man’s life, but it can also be a bit daunting or overwhelming! Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran on how to support your pregnant wife, I hope to offer some much-needed insight. When your wife is expecting, the primary goal is to provide her with the support she needs. Pretty easy, right? Whether it’s physical, emotional, or just being there for her, the little things you do can go a long way in making your special lady feel supported during this time. Here, I’ll provide some pointers and resources on how to support your pregnant wife. Hopefully this will make the journey toward parenthood a little bit easier for you. For the record, I do have some first had experience with all this. As a registered nurse, maybe a little more than the average Joe.

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How to Support Your Pregnant Wife & Find Inspiration on Audible!

Update On My Pregnant Wife!

Baby Boy Shumway coming in 2024! How to Support Your Pregnant Wife

First of all, breathe, you’re going to get through this.

Becoming a dad is a big deal. And the idea of being someone’s role model can be overwhelming. Let’s not put the buggy in front of the horse though. You’ve undoubtedly been through uncertainty leading you up to this point, so it’s okay if you don’t have all the answers right now. Take a deep breath, relax, and know that you’re going to get through this. Supporting your pregnant wife will become second nature in no time. But get ready for a rollercoaster because it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

Educate yourself on common symptoms of pregnancy.

One of the best things you can do as a husband and partner is to educate yourself on what your wife might be going through. There are plenty of resources online and your mama-to-be will surely receive resources from her OB/GYN provider when she visits. Those letters (OB/GYN) stand for doctors who deal with baby deliveries and lady parts. The most common, early symptom that comes to mind is morning sickness. Coincidently, as I’m writing this article my wife is actually pregnant and we got pregnant on our honeymoon in Italy. She’s going to start keeping Cheerios at the bedside to help with nausea. Other common symptoms are feeling tired, body aches and constipation, to list a few. Knowing what to expect can help you be more empathetic and better support your pregnant wife.

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Be observant and intuitive during the pregnancy.

Being observant and intuitive may be a struggle for most men. It sure isn’t a strength of mine, and that’s even before we became pregnant. Sometimes, however, the best way to support your lady is to just be there for her. Be observant of her moods and emotions. This really isn’t any different from normal, non-pregnant life. Try to be as intuitive as possible. Just add 10-fold to her emotional state. Everything she will experience is amplified because of hormones obviously and the uncomfortable experience of the pregnancy itself. Just ask her how she’s feeling and do your best to be attentive and listen. When she needs to vent or talk about something that’s bothering her, just stay focused on her and ask if there’s anything you can do. Frequently saying “I’m sorry” is a great way to support your pregnant wife.

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Baby Shumway Coming 2024-How to Support Your Pregnant Wife!

Be patient with your expectant wife and don’t take things personally.

It goes without saying, your special lady is going through a lot of physical and emotional changes right now. Think about it my friends. She’s gaining weight, feels uncomfortable, drained and tired most of the time. Anything she says in these difficult moments should not be taken personally. It’s not uncommon for baby mama to be moody or irritable. When this happens just breathe as I previously mentioned. Don’t react or you may find yourself in the doghouse. It’s important to be patient and remember that she’s not upset with you personally. Biting your tongue in those heated moment is a stellar way to support your pregnant wife. And it will win you brownie points and extra lovin’ in the future.

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Don’t neglect your own needs.

The society we live in talks a ton about self-care. Furthermore, it’s been said you “can’t poor out of an empty cup”, I think. While it’s important to be supportive of your wife during her pregnancy, it’s also important to care for yourself. I’m a gym rat and my wife knows this. She understands I need to take time for me and recharge with a workout. If you’re not the best at boundary setting, it may be time to sit down with your expectant mother and make a plan. Be open about what you need and commit to doing all you can to support your pregnant wife. Make sure you’re getting enough rest, exercise, and time for yourself. Maybe you’ve got some buddies you can regroup with and obtain some insight? This will help you better support your pregnant wife and be a stellar dad in the long run.

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How to Support Your Pregnant Wife!

Read up, so you can know what to expect when baby arrives.

It goes without saying, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to the birth of your child and parenting. So, it’s important to start educating yourself as soon as possible Super Dad! Fortunately, we have the internet in 2023, with unlimited access to information. And you’ve landed here at this site so you’re really lucky! Attending her regular checkups is an awesome resource and setting to ask questions. Don’t be shy. Jump in and ask the provider what to expect and how to best prepare for the pregnancy and support your pregnant wife. If you’re old school, there are books. Hospitals and clinics also provide birthing preparation classes with breathing techniques for your lady. Talk to other dads, who have been through it, about what to expect when your little one arrives.

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Get your sleep in because you’re going to need it.

When your baby comes, sleep will be a precious commodity. If it’s your first time becoming a dad, take this time to grow closer as a couple. You’re able to travel for pretty much all of your wife’s pregnancy, except for after 35 weeks it’s recommended to stay close to home. You can use this time to take a “babymoon”, as they call. My wife and I got pregnant on our honeymoon. Did I already mention that? Anyways, make sure you’re getting as much rest as possible. Get a nap in with your wife when she snoozes. Because depending on the type of baby, he or she may be a good sleeper or not-so-good sleeper. I remember my daughter had us feeling like zombies because she had jaundice. Being rested and ready to be Super Dad will help you support your pregnant wife when the time comes.

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Consider how pregnancy can affect driving for your special lady.

Throughout each stage of pregnancy, you can support your pregnant wife by considering her safety when getting behind the wheel. However, this may seem like a trivial matter, and some may read this and laugh at the idea. But the effects of pregnancy on a woman’s body could affect her ability to fully function while driving. Consider issues like the fatigue or nausea that can creep up on an expectant mother. In the 3rd trimester, the growing baby, and belly size, could make difficult fitting into the vehicle, steering or correctly fitting the seat belt. Check out this insightful article on Driving While Pregnant. Coincidentally, she just said she’s considering this fancy seatbelt attachment that’s more comfortable the other day.

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Support Your Pregnant Wife & Audible!

The Wrap Up: How to Support Your Pregnant Wife

Look, we all know becoming a dad is one of the most overwhelming and exciting experiences a guy can go through. And maybe you’re familiar with most of the information here or maybe you’re starting from scratch? It will all work out and you’re going to a stellar job! When you support your pregnant wife, you can make the journey toward parenthood a little easier. And believe me, she’ll love you more for it. Remember to breathe, educate yourself on pregnancy symptoms, be observant and intuitive, be patient, don’t neglect your own needs, read up, and get plenty of sleep. Keep these tips in mind, pray a lot and rely on a support system you’ve got. In the future you’ll be looking back on this experience and laughing with your little family.

Disclaimer/Paragraph of Gratitude

As mentioned previously, I am a registered nurse. With years of experience working in various settings, guess you could say I’m more experienced with medical-related topics. Believe it or not I was actually there to help birth my second child. I was a new grad nurse and was pretty pumped about it. The information provided here is from personal knowledge of pregnancy as a nurse, personal experience as a father and research. However, what you’ve read here is only suggestive and is not considered medical advice. It is not exhaustive and only informational. I encourage you to follow up with a licensed provider on how to best support your pregnant wife and do your own research and due diligence. Good luck and God Bless!

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