Everyone Is Struggling!

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Just Know That Everyone Is Struggling

Wow! So, this is a super important topic! And I’ve been praying for a theme that many can relate to. But then I came across a YouTube video by The Aspen Institute. Basically, there are a ton of people out there silently dealing with anxiety, depression and loneliness. And just so you know, everyone is struggling with something. Now, is “everyone’s struggle” related to mental health issues? Absolutely not. However, the Aspen Institute video caused reflection on my own life struggles, present and past. And experience is what we have. In this Aspen conference, a couple of NBA players spoke publicly about their problems with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. It was cool to watch the crowd raise their hands in support of the collective struggle.

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Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that mental health problems have proliferated in recent years. Especially, after lockdowns and turbulent times of the recent global pandemic. As I’m getting into this sensitive subject, I’m reminded of the power that comes from talking about something that has been weighing on the mind. Speaking truth, in any form, takes the wind out of the figurative sails and relieves that burden. So, it was cool to watch these professional athletes practice being vulnerability and sharing their stories. And though everyone is struggling, I think it’s cool for people to see famous, celebrities as mortal with imperfections. One of the tragedies of hard times is the way it makes the individual feel isolated and lonely. For this purpose, I would ask, where do you start if you’re struggling in some way?

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Everyone is Struggling & Audible Inspiration!

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Everyone is Struggling & Audible Inspiration!

Don’t Lose Hope Because Everyone is Struggling!

When people ask me how to get through struggles and cope with mental anguish, what do I recommend? Well, first of all, I don’t know what it’s like to be you. However, I have been through anxious, dark times in my life and pulled through. Therefore, based on my own experiences, I encourage you to keep going and don’t lose hope. The adage, “the night is darkest before the dawn” has always been in the back of my mind. Find something to live for and tell yourself that however seemingly dark circumstances may seem, nothing is permanent. I tell myself that everyone is struggling and that lets me know that someone else is probably hurting too. Whenever I’ve felt lonely, anxious and uncertain about the future, I’ve relied on a spiritual talk by an ecclesiastical leader by the name of Jeffrey R Holland. Watch the short video below.

Good Things to Come!-Jeffrey R HollandEveryone is Struggling

Seek Out Help And Fellowship

Well, the promise of going through emotional difficulties is that there are plenty of resources to get help in 2023. Since everyone is struggling nowadays, I’m going to reach out to someone like the two NBA players at The Aspen Institute gathering. Check out the video below. Their lives had become unmanageable as a result of their anxiety, depression and chronic mental health issues. Speaking out to a licensed therapist, psychiatrist or clergy is a great place to speak your truth. Online communities, support groups and fellowships exist everywhere. If you’re religious, you can find a church. Furthermore, like-minded people are vital to making a change in life. Do not allow yourself to become overly isolated my friends. Sadly, time alone will only promulgate the feelings of depression or worse. Speak out, reach out and live life!

The Aspen Institute-Everyone is Going Through Something

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Stay Busy! Idol Hands Are The Tool Of The Devil

Everyone is struggling and everyone must find a purpose to move past the hard times. So, I heard a story about a mountain tribe raiding a neighboring tribe down in a valley. Sadly, the mountain tribe took a baby back to the mountains and the valley tribe was distraught because they were unfamiliar with the trails or passes. However, the strongest men set out to rescue this baby. But after multiple attempts to find the mountain tribe, they decided to give up. Surprisingly, on the way home, they find the mother of baby, with baby in arms, headed home. “How did you find the village?”, they asked. The mother bluntly replied, “It wasn’t your baby”.

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What was the meaning of this short story? Well, it’s purpose. The mother had a purpose, and nothing was going to get in the way of her mission. Everyone is struggling on some level in life. That’s a fact. Whether it’s anxiety, depression or isolated and lonely, purpose is what helps someone push through a situation. Idol hands are the tool of the devil and someone without a purpose, hobby, dream, goal or ambition will have difficulty pulling out the darkness. So, get involved, like the mom in the story. If you’re an outsider, find ways to include yourself in life. Join a gym, find a church fellowship, take a class and get outside and enjoy life! We only have so many years on this planet so it’s time to start living.

The Wrap Up: Everyone Is Struggling

Well, if I haven’t beaten the dead horse-or possibly you missed the gest of it. Yes, everyone is struggling. But doesn’t that make you feel more normal? It most emphatically gives me hope that I’m more like everyone else. Also, if I speak truth by being vulnerable, I can make new acquaintances and possibly be of service to others. Living with mental health issues, in varying degrees, doesn’t have to hinder progress. In the bible is says, “for when I am weak, then am I strong“. Out of our defects and trials we can become more capable individuals. If, however, we will look at mental struggles and life’s hard times as steppingstones, rather than stumbling blocks. Find a purpose, reach out for help and help those in need. So, This is Your Moment to Push Through the Pain! This will pull you out of the darkness my friends.

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Thoughts From The Author

In conclusion, I want to thank you, the reader, for being here again. These posts have turned into an online journal for me. In my years as a recovered drinker and registered nurse working in behavioral health, I have learned much and desire to share that here. However, I have much to learn and have been anything but perfect. If you are struggling and need professional help, I strongly encourage you do so. Life has much to offer so keep moving forward. For a little more about my story, head over to the Home Page. The Best Books for Addiction Recovery, Why is Life So Hard Right Now and Sober Celebrity Quotes have some resources that may help you on your personal growth journey. Furthermore, Being A Late Bloomer, Comforting Scripture Verses and 7 Reasons to Stop Being Too Nice are also dear to my heart. -The Good Guy