Ways to Make Money on Facebook

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Ways to Make Money on Facebook

Welcome back to another inspired article my friends! In this post we will look at some ways to make money on Facebook. So, as I’ve shared before consistency is key to success in any aspect of life. Also, I’ve spent a lot of time building a professional Facebook page over the last year. Therefore, I’ve learned a thing or two through trial and error and wanted to share some jewels of wisdom with you. Information is power on the road to achieving your goals and I hope you’re seeing the fruits of your labors on your personal journey. Please share this article on ways to make money on Facebook with someone who can benefit!

Disclaimer: The author of this article may receive some compensation for the affiliate links posted here.

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Ways to Make Money on Facebook & Audible!

Access Your Professional Dashboard

The professional dashboard on your page is a great place to start to find ways to make money on Facebook. Honestly, the majority of my time there is spent on my mobile so the screenshots you’ll see below will guide you there. Plus, people almost exclusively use a mobile device for Facebook nowadays anyway. I need to set the bar on making money, however. At the time of this writing, my page has around 18k followers and I’ve accrued around $10 total. So, the process is long and tedious, but I’ve got faith something will come of it all. There’s a sauce on ways to make money on Facebook and these are a few of them.

screenshot of a facebook page with menu at the top; in the middle are some logos of shortcuts; at the bottom left "professional dashboard" is circled in yellow

What’s my Status?

Basically, Facebook will display your monetization status once you’ve accesses the professional dashboard. Then you can visualize the ways to make money on Facebook. Interestingly, I was restricted for a while and was unable to earn money for about a week after I posted a video that I didn’t have the rights to. So, I learned the hard way on ways to make money on Facebook and got out of the doghouse. If you’re familiar with social media in general, then you know they’ve all got those damn community rules they make up. But I’ve learned the do’s and don’ts at this point, knock on wood! Check out the next screenshot below.

screenshot of a Facebook professional page displaying the ability to monetize a page

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Stars, Bonuses & Subscriptions

Now, within the monetization tab and under ‘your tools’, you’ll see stars, bonuses and subscriptions. These are simple ways to make money on Facebook. Essentially, people can purchase stars through Facebook and donate them on posts that qualify for stars. And one star equals one penny. So, it takes a lot of stars to add up. Next, bonuses have been the most profitable for me. You’re able to gain money from likes and shares on qualifying posts and even videos. But when it comes to subscriptions, it’s been a tough to get people to sign on. Subscriptions aren’t unique to Facebook. Moreover, you’ll see these on YouTube and other social media sites. You can set the price for followers to sign up monthly and provide them with special or privileged content.

screenshot of a facebook professional dashboard with 'your tools' listed; underneath are the options of stars, bonuses and subscriptions

You Can Monetize Your Reels

So, if you’re unfamiliar with social media, reels are a great way to make money on Facebook, as well as garner traffic, attention and followers. Now, when it’s comes to monetization of reels, you can run different types of ads in the reel. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to experience this yet. There are eligibility requirements that have yet to be met. Live videos are part of these requirements as are the minutes watched. One downside to social media is the community rules and/or standards that can be vague and ambiguous. If you break the rules, then you may not qualify for ad on reels. But have fun with it my friends.

screen shot of the professional facebook dashboard and of Ads on reels, live ads and in-stream ads

Conclusion: Ways to Make Money on Facebook

Thanks for being here my friends. I wanted to provide a quick article on ways to make money on Facebook. As I’ve mentioned many times, growing a body of work is a process, that requires trial and error. Just have fun with stars, bonuses, reels or any other way to you can come up with. This post isn’t exhaustive, as there are other ways to monetize your social media. Check out Tips for Growing a Facebook Page and How to Send Invites on Facebook if you’re looking to grow your brand. I’m not a guru by any means but have created a hobby of learning what works and what does not. And please share this with someone on the same journey as you! God Bless!

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Thoughts from the Author

Again, I hope you enjoyed this article on ways to make money on Facebook. If you’ve found value in the content here, then please share. Before I pivoted to provide some inspiration on building a brand on social media, I was making posts on encouragement, hope and faith! And because I’m now a family man, I’ve also written a few articles on parenting. What is a Bonus Dad, 14 tips for Parenting Tween Boys and The Best Lego Technic Sets are all fun and inspirational compositions. Please read and share them with someone who can benefit. We’re all in this thing called life together so sharing information is how we get there! Thanks so much for your support. -The Good Guy

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Ways to Make Money on Facebook & Audible!