Xbox One Games for Teens: 6 Best 2023

the Breakdown: Xbox One Games for Teens

What’s happening everybody? It’s great to be back for another article on what’s cool out there in 2023! Xbox One games for teens is something I recently took an interest in after becoming a bonus dad and getting married this year. However, you’d be surprised the things you pick up on from teens. It provides interesting insight into what makes kids tick nowadays and helps me write cool blog posts that benefit you. So, after sitting next to my son as he plays the latest and greatest, day after day, I’m pleased to bring you a handful of the best games for teens in 2023. This is according to what I’ve noticed him playing and picking his brain about what his friends are into as well. Enjoy and share!

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xbox one games for teens
fortnite, xbox one games for teens

Fortnite for Xbox One

The other night I sat down to tuck my boy in, and we both became curious as to whether Fortnite or Minecraft was more popular-we’ll get to that latter in this article. So, according to the internet, Fortnite has taken over global popularity with 52% of countries. But if you’re unfamiliar with this video game, it looks super fun and nostalgic. It’s set up as a battle royale game that you can play solo or with a team online. This game is for teens, so you won’t have to worry about your them being exposed to blood or gore. However, they do pick up weapons and various other objects to takeout the opponents. The cool part is the never-ending selection of skins or characters your kids can play with. The creators have added every theme you can image, from Star Wars to Transformers and Marvel characters.



Minecraft is on this list of Xbox One games for teens because it’s virtually impossible to pull your kid away from it! Surprisingly my teen boy sat and built a room with different colored sheep for a whole day. At least he expressed some guilt for doing nothing else. The Minecraft website calls it a “sandbox game” due to the fact that you can play it so many different ways. The game has a unique retro look. And the blocks that you use to create your own world are cool. I never noticed my boy interacting with other characters. However, the site states you can venture off and take on challenges of some sort. This game is for everyone and does not seem to be difficult. Though, I haven’t actually played it myself, full disclosure.

call of duty

Call of Duty Franchise

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the Call of Duty series or “COD” as my bonus son says the cool kids are calling it. Without a doubt, this classic is a legendary Xbox One game for teens they’ll get caught up in for days! Just don’t let your teen skip homework, chores or responsibilities! There are currently 21 different Call of Duty games, beginning with WW2 themes back in 2003. The most recent version is Modern Warfare 2. Most of these games are rated M for mature so you’ll want to watch these for blood and violence.

the show 23 mlb, xbox one games for teens

MLB The Show 23 for Xbox One

MLB “The Show 23” is the leagues official game for this year. Honestly, I would have played this game when I was a kid. The graphics for consoles nowadays are far superior to the Bases Loaded game for Nintendo that came out in the 90s. Also, there is a function in the game that enables your teen to design his own player from head to toe. Obviously, me and my boy were rolling over the details you can create in your slugger! The controller and interplay functions seem relatively technical. However, as with any game, the more you practice and play, the easier it will undoubtedly become for the gamer. This game is for everyone. So, if you’re an old school gamer like me, you’re going to enjoy jumping and swinging for the fence with your kiddos.

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forza horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is a blast and must if you’re looking for the best Xbox One games for teens. I did jump in a play with my teen son because I couldn’t resist the rush of taking a Bugatti to almost 200mph! When I was younger, my brothers and I played an older version of Forza on a PlayStation. In this version, a gamer can collect over 450 cars, get Hot Wheels legends pack or become a Horizon superstar in historic Britain. A player can go solo or team up with other drivers as well. I noticed a story mode where my boy appeared to be in a movie mode and on a mission before a crazy jumping stunt. This game is a ton of fun for your teen gamer.

cuphead, xbox one games for teens


Undoubtedly, you’re probably wondering what in the world is “Cuphead”. Well, it is inspired by cartoons of the 1930s and reminds me of the old Mickey Mouse classics, in black and white. The Cuphead website describes it as: the visuals and audio are painstakingly created with the same techniques of the era: traditional hand drawn cell animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings. Think of this weird game as a “run and gun” theme. And it is very difficult, to be honest. I tried a couple of times myself and handed the controller back to my teen boy in frustration. Just like Super Mario Bro, there is no shortage of scary boss characters to take out. This game is for everyone. However, this Xbox One game for teens may seem weird at first, it’s surprisingly addictive and difficult to put down the controller once you’ve mastered the game.

Cuphead Trailer-Xbox One Games for Teens

The wrap Up: Xbox One Games for Teens

So, that was a lot of fun talking about some of the best Xbox One games for teens in 2023! Like with the majority of the content you’ll find on this site, living vicariously through a teen is fun and educational as well. Without a doubt, much of the content comes from him, the world around me and my own life experiences. However, gamers and parents of gamers may have become familiar with the popular Xbox games I’ve listed here. If you picked up something new and fun for your teen, then I’m super excited. This article is not exhaustive by any means and meant for informational purposes and entertainment as well. Always be aware of the media your kids are consuming because there are many with bad intentions out there.

xbox one games for teens

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