Focus On What You Can Control

The Breakdown: Focus On What You Can Control

Full disclosure! This article will hopefully serve two purposes. Firstly, provide some insight to someone stuck in life and attempting to find some peace. Secondly, I’m currently in the same boat and living in some fear about the future. It’s difficult to focus on what you can control when you’re in the thick of it all. If you’re an adult and been through hard times, you know it’s easy to look back on a struggle and laugh or say, “eh, that wasn’t that bad”. Either way, I hope to provide some insight to you, and myself, on how to focus on what you can control and the benefits of striving to do so. Furthermore, reading some of the best positive mindset books can help you maintain this focus. Fight on my friends!

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Focus on What You Can Control!

Surrender Is Okay

When you think about the word “surrender”, what comes to mind? Many of the motivational videos will talk a “never surrender” mentality. I think that’s definitely okay. However, life is really hard sometimes so perseverance, tenacity and mental strength is a must to survive. But when encouraging someone to focus on what you can control, I’m talking about the outcomes in life. Early in recovery, I heard someone say to “stay out of the results”. It took me a while to grasp this concept and I still struggle. The control freak in all of us will want to assure a specific outcome at any time. That’s a lot to take on and can add a ton of stress! Surrendering in the control sense means you focus on what you can control and then detach yourself from the end result. Maybe the result you’re looking for isn’t the best for you.

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Believe in Good Things Ahead

If you’re on a personal growth journey you’re probably aware of a ton of negativity out there. And unless you’re constantly conscious of this, it’s easy to get sucked into the negativity. However, when it comes to life circumstances, it’s essential to stay focused on positive outcomes, especially when things aren’t looking up. If you’re able to focus on what you can control, you’re better able to believe in good things ahead. Now, will this be the outcome you wanted or hoped for? Maybe, maybe not. This goes hand in hand with staying out of the results. If I was worried about a specific job but didn’t get it, maybe there was a reason for it. But if I’m stressed and telling myself, “I have to have this job”, I may be disappointed when it doesn’t happen, right? Focus on what you can control and believe in good things.

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Stay Open-Minded

The older I get the more I learn that being hardheaded and unwilling to listen, isn’t specific to anyone or any one age. I’ll be the first to admit I have a hard time listening to opinions or advice. Why is this? Well, because I know better, don’t you know? Being open-minded can provide insight to how you can better focus on what you can control. Gaining insight from others on your current situation can provide peace of mind and make it easier to surrender to the uncertainty. This uncertainty is at the heart of fear and anxiety over the future. If I’m open to a variety of outcomes during minor and more serious circumstances, I’m more prone to have faith and belief the fact that I don’t know what’s best for me. I’ll continue to focus on what I can control and surrender the outcome to the Man upstairs.

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The Wrap Up: Focus On What You Can Control

What does it look like for you to focus on what you can control? If you’re on this site and reading this article, then you’re already on a personal growth journey. Consequently, maybe you’ve already tackled this concept. Maybe you’re currently in the middle of something really hard and are hoping for a specific outcome. However, I too am in the midst of a difficult time in my life. Do I live exactly the ideas and insights I’ve suggested here? No way. At times I’m better at surrendering, belief in good things ahead and remaining open-minded. Then fear sets in for a moment and I’m back to trying to control the outcome. It’s those fearful moments where we must change our perspective, pray and say “no, it’s going to work out just as it should’. In the meantime, focus on what you can control my friends.

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Focus on What You Can Control!

If you have any insight on how you’ve weathered difficulties and possibly mastered how to focus on what you can control, I’d love to hear about it. Send me an email if you’ve liked what you’ve read here. Just like you, I’m a work in progress. I don’t have anything figured out fully. But I have made plenty of mistakes that lead to progress. If you’re in the trial don’t quit and fight through it. There is sunshine over the horizon so don’t quit before the miracle happens. Maybe you’ve heard I’m a recovered alcoholic and addict? I recently wrote an article on the Best Books for Addiction Recovery. Check it out! -The Good Guy

Thoughts From The Author

So, if I haven’t thanked you for being here, I want to say how grateful I am for your support. Wherever you are, I hope this article finds you well. Furthermore, if you’ve found value here, I hope you’ll read and share some additional content with someone in need. For your spiritual journey Find Something to Live For, 5 Steps to Overcoming Porn Addiction and Comforting Scripture Verses are powerful words for the believer. And for the budding parent, 14 Tips for Parenting Tween Boys can provide some inspired insight to your life. Thanks again for your support my friends. Don’t Future Trip and God Bless!