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Welcome to the My Blog Page. Surely, you’re on a quest! So, it’s such a privilege to have you here. And thanks so much for your support.  Firstly, it’s my hope you’ll find value of some kind. But there’s no doubt in my mind that there is a reason you’re here on My Blog. Indeed, there are no coincidences, especially when you’re a on a personal growth journey. Secondly, knowing you’re here with a purpose gives me a reason to keep producing blog content from the heart and real-life experiences. However, everyone has a story. Therefore, I hope you can find some commonalities and connections with the articles you’ll find on this site and page. So, please share this site with a person looking for answers and check back regularly here on My Blog page for new content and articles. And finally, fight on my friends. -The Good Guy

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Ways to Make Money on Facebook
Ways to Make Money on Facebook Welcome back to another inspired article my friends! In this post we will look at some ways to make money on Facebook. So, as I’ve shared before consistency is key...
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How to Send Invites on Facebook
How to Send Invites on Facebook Welcome to another blog post my friends! I’m excited to provide some insight on how to send invites on Facebook! If you’ve been here for previous articles,...
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Tips for Growing a Facebook Page
Tips for Growing a Facebook Page Welcome to another inspiring article! Most of the content here has been focused on personal development up until this point. However, I wanted to share some tips for...
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What is God Telling You?
What is God Telling You? Hello my friends. Welcome to another blog post. I hope you’re having faith in good things to come. Life is uncertain and downright scary at times. But if you’ve got...
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