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Welcome to the My Blog Page. Surely, you’re on a quest! So, it’s such a privilege to have you here. And thanks so much for your support.  Firstly, it’s my hope you’ll find value of some kind. But there’s no doubt in my mind that there is a reason you’re here on My Blog. Indeed, there are no coincidences, especially when you’re a on a personal growth journey. Secondly, knowing you’re here with a purpose gives me a reason to keep producing blog content from the heart and real-life experiences. However, everyone has a story. Therefore, I hope you can find some commonalities and connections with the articles you’ll find on this site and page. So, please share this site with a person looking for answers and check back regularly here on My Blog page for new content and articles. And finally, fight on my friends. -The Good Guy

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picture of the cosmos with a shooting star and the phrase 'when your whole life changes', G/G
When Your Whole Life Changes
When Your Whole Life Changes, Just Breathe! Sometimes everything changes in the blink of an eye. When your whole life changes it’s best to have faith, be patient & just enjoy the ride! Thanks...
a pier on a white sand beach leads out to the clear blue ocean with a sun icon kissing the air and a heart emoji; HAPPY LIFE
Living a Happier Life
Living a Happier Life is a Process! Welcome to another inspirational article! I’m excited to talk about living a happier life. However, the end goal is a process, one day at a time, you can create...
side profile of man running and jumping onto a hill; G/G; Give It Your All!
Give It Your All!
Give It Your All In Life! Welcome to another inspired article my friends! Give it your all in life is the message I want to share today. So, I work the senior population in healthcare, and this has given...
"breathe. It's just a bad day, not a bad life." -Johnny Depp;
Just Breathe!
Just Breathe, It’s All Going to Work Out! Welcome to another inspired blog post! I love talking about personal development and promoting motivational content. Just breathe my friends because it’s...
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