Consistency is Key!

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Consistency is Key to Success!

Hello and welcome to another inspired, motivational post! Consistency is key to success in life my friends. Whether you’re a student trying to pass the test, a budding graduate trying to land a job or new parent getting by with minimal sleep, you’ve got this! Just don’t quit no matter what. Basically, through all my ups, downs and mistakes in life, one thing is constant; I’ve never surrendered. But why should you listen to me? Well, I’ve got 16 years of recovery from alcohol and been working in behavioral healthcare for 10+ years. Am I perfect? Absolutely not! However, I do strive to learn from my mistakes and pass what I’ve learned along to someone willing to listen. So, consistency is key to achieving your goals and living the life you desire is the message I would like to share with you today.

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Consistency is Key & Audible!
Baby William is here!! Consistency is key to happiness!

Consistency is Key & the Benefits!

So, consistency is key to success, achieving goals and a slew of other benefits in this glorious life. As I’m writing this post, I’m reminded of how I fell short in life and underachieved early on. Were you ever told you had a lot of potential? Well, I was. Therefore, learning about the benefits of consistency has taught me perspective. Basically, I had to learn the hard way that all the talent and potential in the world won’t mean squat unless you show up and put in the work. Consistency is key to outworking the competition in any area of life. Remember the tortoise and the hare? The hare underestimated the dedication of his opponent. You may not be the fastest, but when you don’t quit and keep coming back day after day, you’ll have a shot at crossing the finish line first.

There is no growth without change. No change without fear or loss and no loss without pain. -Rick Warren

Evaluate Your Strengths & Weaknesses!

When I got sober from alcohol, I went to AA meetings and started working on the steps. And an early sponsor told me to list all my assets and liabilities. Essentially, this was the beginning of an inventory of my personal life and characteristics. Moreover, this was necessary to launch my new, sober life. I like to think of this as preparing for a fight or battle. In order to win you have to know what you bring to the table. Consistency is key then to focusing on areas of weakness. Like David going up against Goliath, he lacked size and the strength of the giant. It’s almost certain that he knew this. Therefore, he would have had to develop his own skills and abilities to win the prize, that fateful day on the battlefield. Consistency requires facing fears and possessing courage to push through the pain.

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Consistency is key so “make each day your masterpiece”!

Be Patient With Yourself!

It’s no secret that patience is a virtue that many struggle to possess. So, patience along with consistency is key to climbing that figurative mountain you’re on. It reminds me of one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. In The Alchemist, we follow a young man’s journey through life. The takeaway is that there’s always something to be learned from the path we ultimately take in life. Rather than wishing to be somewhere else, have patience in God’s plan for you. Consistency is key whey you’re learning from each moment. Be patient with yourself and realize that it’s not all about crossing a finish line or reaching that mountain summit. Because you’ll undoubtedly have more mountains to climb. Live in the moment and don’t rush the process my friends!

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Comparison is the Killer of Dreams!

Consistency is key and comparison is the killer of dreams. If you’re competitive or a perfectionist, then you’ve probably struggled with measuring your own progress to someone else. Well, I’m a recovered perfectionist and had to learn to stay away from this the hard way. Moreover, many times in my younger years I found frustration after wishing I was someone else or even somewhere else. But maybe you remember being a kid and wanting to roll with the adults? Growing up too soon is a desire of most of us. And unfortunately, you can’t understand the ‘why’ of it all just yet. First you have to crawl, then walk and then run before you can take off. Try to live in the moment, wherever you are. Learn from each experience and know God has good things in store for you. Consistency is key to understanding His plan for you.

find inspiration on audible, audible
Consistency is Key & Audible!

Thoughts from the Author!

Thanks so much for being here again! Consistency is key to success and so much more in life. If you’re frustrated with your progress or circumstances, don’t lose faith and keep moving forward. Patience, self-evaluation and focusing on what you can control are just a few important factors I would like to leave with you. Give it your all and you’ll be living a happier life before you know it. If you’ve found value in the content here, please share it with someone looking for inspiration. The Road to Success Quotes, Get Back Up Quotes and Growth Mindset Quotes are all powerful articles! Keep believing because you’re more powerful than you know. God bless! –The Good Guy

"The only way to change is to change your behavior every day." -Russell Brand, consistency is key