Live Life Without Regrets!

live life without regrets

It’s Time to Live Life Without Regrets!

All right my friends! Who’s ready for more motivational content? That’s right. And the message is to live life without regrets! But what does it mean to have no regrets? For some it may mean leaving it all on the table, like a poker game. I’ve been obsessed with what folks reported wishing they could change on their death bed. Furthermore, as a registered nurse working with the geriatric population recently, I’ve had a firsthand look into the life of someone who has some years under their belt. When something smacks you in the face, you’re forced to re-evaluate your mortality, whether you like it or not. Regardless of how you view the way in which your life will unravel, I believe there is a ton of ambiguity surrounding what it means to “live life without regrets”.

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Live Life Without Regrets & Audible!

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Live Life Without Regrets & Audible!
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Life is a Journey, Not a Destination!

So, I need to preface this concept by saying I’ve been completely guilty of focusing on some future goal or destination as a means of being happy somehow. Therefore, to live life without regrets, one should avoid looking at life as a set number of boxes to check off. Having a rigid mindset about how your life should manifest itself could close the future off to countless possibilities. Being honest about your circumstances, openminded and willing to be flexible to a Plan B, is an exciting prospect, don’t you think? Consequently, I can tell you that my life hasn’t went the way I envisioned from a young age. Unfortunately, I was set on checking off this box and that box, rather than being in the moment. Future tripping ain’t a good thing so, be where you are my friends!

Take a Leap of Faith & Live Life Without Regrets!

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Go All In & Live Life without Regrets!

Along with researching what folks reported regretting about life on their death bed, going all in has accompanied this mantra. So, part of living without regrets means you’re not out to check off boxes to be happy. But what’s the alternative? Well, this means I’m dedicating my time, attention and energy to every moment! If people are part of my life, setting down the electronic devices to practice social skills and learning from others becomes a priority. I can live life without regrets by fully committing to the moment, person or opportunity, whether it’s positive or negative. Regardless of what life puts in front of me, there is always value, if I choose to look for it. Committing to anything God’s grace provides, will make the journey more abundant, thus taking my focus off of some future destination or aforementioned “box”.

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Go for Quality Over Quantity!

In conclusion, in order to live life without regrets, you have to remain constantly self-aware. Consequently, when reforming any mindset, patience is essential. It’s possible that aiming for quality over quantity is a sign of developing wisdom. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”. Surely, this is at the heart of how to live life without regrets! I read a story about a man who picked flowers every morning and placed them on his belated wife’s grave. And one day his daughter came along to visit her grave only to hear her father say, “I just wish I had picked her flowers every day while she was alive”. So, live life without regrets! Whether it’s spending more time with family, working less or just enjoying the journey, don’t let life pass you by!

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Thoughts From The Author

Thanks for being here! I love talking about personal development. Ever since I decided to get clean and sober, my life has been a constant effort for transformation. Though I strive to live life without regrets, I’ve made many mistakes along the way. However, my hope is that you’ve gained knowledge and insight. Because much thought and prayer go into the content here, hoping someone looking for answers will find them here. Therefore, if you already live life without regrets and are looking for more content, check out the Best Positive Mindset Books, Pearls of Wisdom Quotes and the Greatness Quotes to Live By. Moreover, This is Your Moment, Find Something to Live For and Keep Believing are powerful articles to read and share! If you’re in a dark place, don’t lose hope! The sun is going to rise on your dark days. God Bless!

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