What is God Telling You?

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What is God Telling You?

Hello my friends. Welcome to another blog post. I hope you’re having faith in good things to come. Life is uncertain and downright scary at times. But if you’ve got a faith, then you can weather the storm and find peace on the other side of it all. What is God telling you? This was a question that popped into my mind as I was lying in bed recently. Uncertainty and a newborn adjusting to life can create sleepless nights unfortunately. As fear was trying to overtake my peace, I had a thought a pop into my head. Rather than lose faith in the path on I’m, I could rely on my past and the fact that He has guided me through so much already. And this profound truth provided some comfort in the moment, and eventual sleep.

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What is God Telling You & Audible!

Listen to Your Inner Voice

So, we’ve all heard about an inner voice. As a kid I remember watching Pinocchio and singing along with Jiminy Cricket and his calls to follow your conscience. If you’re religious, you can refer to this inner voice as the guidance of God’s spirit. And the secular society may call it a gut instinct. Regardless, following these thoughts or feelings can take our life in different directions. What is God telling you? Well, you have to slow down and filter out the noise. Unfortunately, with too much going on, the subtle prompts and answers may not be easily discernable. Prayer, medication or simply sitting and doing nothing is an awesome way to just get in touch. However, careful what answers you go looking for because you may hear somethings you weren’t expecting or even unready to face.

Baby William is here! What is God telling you?

The Answers Will Come!

What is God telling you? The simple answer is only you can know. Furthermore, this can be frustrated with a different timetable. It’s my belief that we receive knowledge in life when we’re prepared. For example, I started taking pilot training a few years ago. This by far is one of the most technically challenging things I’ve ever done. So much information is involved, quick responses and countless hours of practice. And when it came to my landings, many days I wanted to quit. Basically, I thought I would never breakthrough to that aha moment! But I did my part, kept coming back and finally it all started to click. When you don’t quit, He will provide the wisdom in the moments you will need it. So, have faith, be consistent in your craft, relationship or whatever your struggle is. Good things are coming my friends!

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What is God telling You? Only You Can Know.

Well, this was just a short post, but much needed as I’ve been looking for direction in my own life. What is God telling you? Only you can know. We can ask others, read and practice that patience I recommended. However, when the sun rises on your struggles, the answers to your prayers and dilemmas could come in at a least expected moment. Unfortunately, I don’t have many answers in life. I do love being able to put my thoughts down on this site for someone’s benefit, however. If you’ve found value here, then pass it along to someone in need. Furthermore, check out Comforting Scripture Verses, The Best Books on Faith & True Faith Quotes for additional inspiration.

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What is God Telling You & Audible!

Generally, an answer or insight can come from someone else so sharing content is common way to inspire others in 2024. Therefore, I would also suggest This is Your Moment, Live in the Moment & Quotes About Courage and Faith as well. Each composition here has come from personal experience and much thought. I’m not perfect but strive to learn from life in all its ups and downs. If you’re in a dark place, keep moving forward and you’ll win the prize! God Bless. -The Good Guy

What is God telling you? Listen to your inner voice!