Keep Believing!

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Whatever It Is, Keep believing!

So, lately I’ve been on a quote kick and wanted to break away to offer some personal, encouraging words to someone out there. Whatever it is you’ve encountered or are experiencing at this moment, keep believing! Now, if you’ve got some years under your belt, maybe you already know that this too shall pass. However, regardless of one’s tenacity or grit, everyone needs a pep talk or emotional boost from time to time. Just because we’re able to ride out a storm, there will most assuredly be another one to weather. Therefore, rest up, surround yourself by supportive people, put your shoulders back and keep believing in good things to come!

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It’s Okay to Ask for Guidance!

At the root of what makes a struggle difficult is the fear or uncertainty of what may happen. Or possibly, what may not happen. Regardless of what you’ve been through in life, being close to something, especially when it’s fresh, can be scary. And what if it’s a new experience meaning you have no frame of reference? This can really cause some panic. I remember getting sober from drugs and alcohol and being a newcomer to living life on life’s terms. Therefore, I had to get a coach, mentor or sponsor, as they’re call in A.A. I teamed up with some guys who had went before more to tell me what I should do or not do. These men told me to keep believing, putting in the work and doing the next indicated thing.

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Keep Believing & Do the Next Indicated Thing!

But what is the “next indicated thing’ for you? Well, to keep believing means you’ve probably already got a goal or vision of where you’re going. Maybe you’re just starting out in school or a new parent learning the ropes of raising a child. The fact is, there are too many scenarios to list here. Keep believing that the sun will rise on your dream or vision you have. The end goal for these words is optimism and light in your darkness. I know very well what it’s like to want to throw in the towel on a desire. Specifically, two experiences come to mind. Coincidentally, one of these situations is still in flux and uncertain at the moment. But I keep believing by seeing myself out there, as it should be according to my vision for my life.

Don’t Quit, No Matter What!

So, to keep believing in an outcome, one must possess tenacity, vision and fortitude to endure whatever life will throw in front of them. Moreover, I’m reminded of my journey out of a dark hole in life that began with me surrendering my nursing license as new graduate. About this time, I was drinking too much, ended up the hospital to detox and was basically spiraling out of control. Now in hindsight God was setting me up for much learning in life. However, at the time, most days were very challenging. And “keep believing” was a hard mantra to hold onto. But I did it. After becoming about 3 years clean and sober, I applied to have my nursing license instated, jumped through a whole bunch of hoops and the rest is history.

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Keep Believing in Your Dreams!

So, fast-forward to now, and a second scenario that requires the need to keep believing. I’m currently awaiting a response and a second evaluation from the federal aviation administration. That’s correct, I’m trying to become a private pilot. Mind you, this process started almost 3 years ago when I conducted my initial exam and had to admit to my past addiction. So much for honesty, right? And what’s next? Neurocognitive exams, random drug and alcohol screens, all at my own cost! Furthermore, this is all after I have well documented sobriety of over a decade, with character references too. But the government doesn’t expedite anything, so my patience has been tested, month after month. I keep believing though, because I want to be a pilot and I have a vision of me going solo in little Cessna 172.

malcolm x in glasses with a stern look on his face; quote, "the future belongs to those who prepare for it today"

Get a Reward For Your Struggles!

Now, what do these experiences have to do with the desire to keep believing? Well, I know you, or someone you know, may have a desire to give up the fight. Each day we come to a crossroad. We can throw in the towel and go home or get a reward for all the sweat and tears we shed to achieve our dreams. To keep believing shows the world you’re a fighter, and nothing will get in your way of doing what you want to do. So, in a world of doubters, naysayers and quitters, be a trooper! Bear down, keep believing, pray, and ask for support! There’s no shame in relying on others and HIM for your success in life. I hope this article finds you well. The sun could rise on your dreams and goals tomorrow so live in the moment, just keep moving forward and keep believing!

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Thoughts From the Author!

Wow! That was amazing, being able to share some inspirational words with you. I truly hope you’ll keep believing and never quit on your dreams. Like I said, each day we’re at a crossroads to fight on, or quit and go home. So, believe in yourself, keep your eyes set on those goals and trust God! Also, checkout some additional, inspired content to help you along your journey. This is Your Moment, Everyone is Struggling and Focus on What You Can Control are all powerful articles. Furthermore, Push Through the Pain, Get Back Up Quotes and End of the Year Quotes all come from the heart. All the words here are carefully thought out. My hope is that the ideas here will inspire you or someone else to keep believing. You are strong and powerful so God Bless!