Cool Hobbies For Teens

The Break Down: Cool Hobbies For Teens

Surely cool hobbies for teens may seem like a random blog post. However, when it comes to life, we’re all a product of what we’re surrounded by and I share a house with a tween, almost teenager. And he’s got a lot going and it’s tough trying to keep up with his latest obsession. If you’re reading this article, you may be able to identify with what I’m going to share or talk about. Undoubtedly teenagers know what’s cool and they get what’s cool from their friends, social media or what they see when you take them to the store. So, in this article, I’m going to break down some cool hobbies for teens based on what my bonus son says is cool.

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Gaming Hobby

Gaming has and will be a cool hobby for teens probably forever. So, if you’re my age, you most likely came up playing Nintendo or Sega. Nowadays there seems to be a battle between the Xbox and PlayStation tribes. My teen bonus son says the Xbox wins out. But the latest popular game and cool hobby for teens seems to be Fortnite. When I get home at night, he usually has his headset on and is talking trash with his buddies online. However, I do see him breakout Minecraft on occasion and build stuff-it makes no sense whatsoever. Because he’s into sports, I’ve seen him go through a NBA2K and MLB The Show phase as well. If you’re a parent, getting them to put the controller down and come eat dinner is probably a struggle. Click here for 5 Best Xbox One Games for Teens in 2023.

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So, let me start here by talking about how crazy these Lego stores are! The other day at the mall, you’d think there was a celebrity in the building, signing autographs by the line outside the Lego store entrance. Legos is one of those cool hobbies for teens taking over the world! This store was straight stimulation overload with a design center, a Lego kit for everything you can imagine and workers who were way too nice. It was kind of creepy to be honest. But from the funny movies, with adult humor to the legendary Star Wars themed sets, the Lego hobby has most definitely consumed my bonus son’s life and can take a chunk out of your pocketbook too.

drawing markers

Marker Drawing Hobby

One of the cool hobbies for teens I didn’t realize existed are these high-priced markers for drawing. Now, I did take an art class in high school and really enjoyed it. We had all kinds of paint and oil pastels, but I don’t recall having fancy markers that really look like paint. However, it’s really cool that kids nowadays have access to art supplies that help them explore their creativity and try new fun hobbies. I’m a big fan of abstract thought the comes from using the right side of the brain. My boy is in the mode of drawing the latest cool sneakers and weird Sponge Bob looking collages. Tell your teen to give it a go!

cool hobbies for teens

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This may be a no brainer, but reading is totally a cool hobby for teens. Maybe I’m just vicariously living through my stepson because we weren’t really pushed to read when I was growing up. Both of my parents went to a community college, so our home wasn’t loaded with encouragement to feed our minds. Teens nowadays have access to all kinds of book series such as “Spy School”, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, of course. It’s cool to see a kid pull out a good book and read for a bit before going to bed at night. It’s not to say, sometimes you have to tell your kid to put the electronic device but there’s nothing like a budding teen working out his brain with an old-fashioned paper book.

hot wheel, toy car

Hot Wheels Hobby

When me and my son went to the grocery store the other day, he randomly appeared from the next isle with a Hot Wheel in hand. Yes, those cool little cars are still a collectable hobby for teenagers. I think he ended getting a Bugatti replica for a dollar and change. This experience sent me down memory lane because my brother and I had a ton of Hot Wheels growing up. After doing some investigation, I found out the little rascal has quite the collection as well. The cool thing about this teen hobby is that it’s a relatively inexpensive one. We could have picked 3 for $4 but we opted for one just to make the kid want for something.

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Sports is a cool hobby for teens that will never go out of style. I look around at kids-and society as a whole-and see an increasingly overweight and obese population. Getting outside and doing activities like sports is a great way to get your teen boy some exercise and human interaction. My bonus son is really into baseball and a decent little pitcher. He’s played a couple of seasons of basketball as well, which is an awesome cardiovascular activity for teenagers. Soccer or football are also cool ways to get your teen boy off the couch and outside to get some Vitamin D and boost their metabolism!

cool hobbies for teens, father and son hiking in the woods

Hiking Hobby

Hiking is one of those cool hobbies for teens that puts them outside and boosts their metabolism. This hobby could fall under sports because your teen is actually doing something, but hiking involves getting off the grid and enjoying nature. I grew up on a farm of 100 acres, away from the city center, noise and business. Unfortunately, most people and their teens reside within an urban center. How often do these kids get to burn up a mountain trail? Well, if you don’t get out of the city too often, probably not that much. Plan some weekend activities with your teen boy that puts them in touch with nature and smelling some country air. He may whine and complain at first but will thank you when it’s over.

The Wrap Up: Cool Hobbies For Teens

There are plenty of cool hobbies for teens out there in 2023. The list above is compiled of some observations I’ve had as a dad and through the eyes of a teen boy, going into manhood. The awesome part of writing this and sharing these ideas with you is that I get to take a drive down memory lane. The takeaway is that although somethings change, somethings don’t, and somethings never go out of style. If you have a teen boy, you’ve most likely seen them getting into some or all of these cool hobbies. If you like what you’ve read here, then please share on social media or with a friend looking for ideas for their teen. Check out our blog for more personal growth content. And please send a message if you have any questions or feedback. -The Good Guy

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