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The Breakdown: What Men Secretly Want Guide

Glad you’re here for a man’s take-by me, The Good Guy-in What Men Secretly Want Guide. These insights come from 45 years of experience as a man, making mistakes and simply living life. Although comical in nature, one of the most basic windows into the mind of a man comes from a legendary standup bit my Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry gets the crowd rolling by disclosing the secret about us, men. He says, “We’re not thinkin’ anything. We’re just walking around looking around.”. Although this is overly simplistic, it’s funny because there’s truth in his words. Anyways, I decided to write this article because there’s a social movement to androgenize men and women into one group of people. I think I can speak for most men, and hopefully women, that we are uniquely different in what drives us as well as what goes on inside our brains and bodies. Enjoy!

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What Men Secretly Want Guide & Audible!
What Men Secretly Want Guide!

Men want simple

When I say “simple” I think of the difference in the way we men compartmentalize our thoughts, actions and life in general. Routine is important, from the time we get up in the morning and put our clothes on, to the way we take on tasks in our workday. Shoot, we would wear our favorite shirt and pants every day, if possible, just to free up time for other aspects of life. If you’re old enough to remember the “Ernest Goes to Camp” movie from 87′, he donned the same hat, vest and jeans because that’s all he had in his closet! This is living the dream for a man, coming from a man. What men secretly want guide will allow a man to complete one task, then the next and then next, until his work is complete. It’s pretty simple.

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We want to connect

Men really want to connect is a broad statement but can also be specific. This idea stems from a previous article I wrote on male bonding. Check it out if you haven’t already. This is part of a movement to de-stigmatize men connecting with other men. Some dudes may say they’re loners and can make it through life on their own. Don’t listen to them. Connecting with other men grounds us in our unique identities as men and enables us to be better husbands, fathers and stewards of society. As a newlywed, I can also say there’s a need to connect on an emotional level with our significant others. Depending on what each guy’s needs are, could paint a different picture for that specific relationship. It really takes time and work through each man’s issue to determine where the need to connect lies.

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Men want to feel like men

Undoubtedly, there’s a movement to emasculate men in 2023. While this may seem controversial, it nonetheless does exist. And I feel it’s my place, and every other man out there, to speak out against it. The rise of toxic feminism in secular society has painted men as controlling and even created this bogus idea that a “patriarchy” exists. This is blatantly false, and this movement has destroyed the family unit and the gender rolls within the family unit. Men really want to make decisions and feel confident. We want to walk with our heads high and feel supported. What men secretly want is to fulfill that role as protector and provider. Consequently, we need to restore this roll to families and relationships. If so, our children can learn the importance of traditional gender roles and family dynamics.

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We like a challenge

When I look at my own personal growth journey, I think of the strides I’ve made when times were tough. Being put through the refiner’s fire is what we men secretly want. What does that look like for you? Working out and staying physically fit, defines what it is to be a man. Strengthening exercises build muscle, then leading to an increase in testosterone. More testosterone in more men, leads to a more confident, stable society. I believe women want this. They want the confidence that comes a from a man who consistently challenges himself. However, taking on physical challenges isn’t the only important way to grow. Men secretly want to challenge our brains and intellect as well. We really want to work out our brains just as much as our muscles.

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Men don’t want to be controlled

Look, I’m not a relationship therapist, but I have been in a lot of relationships-and a lot of therapy as well. Honestly, men just want to walk tall, solve problems and be left alone. As mentioned in earlier sections, there’s a movement to emasculate men and replace our roles as protectors and providers. We all have a desire to be free. However, I’m going to make a broad statement about the problems with our society as a whole here. Men want to feel strong and supported in our rolls and women want to feel protected and provided for. Men secretly want to stand up, be confident and say what’s on their mind in 2023. It’s really very simple, as I said earlier.

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What Men Secretly Want Guide & Audible!

The Wrapup: What Men Secretly Want Guide

What Men Secretly Want Guide may seem controversial to some, but I feel confident that most men, and women, would support my statements here. Some may argue that because we’re no longer out killing wooly mammoth for survival, that men are somehow required to evolve. I don’t think so. We want to walk tall, keep our lifestyles simple and feel strong and masculine. Because we’re social beings, connection with other men to maintain our identities as men, is essential. Being supported by those we love and look after is crucial to our identities as men, as well as establishing correct gender roles within the family units. We want to be challenged and understood at the same time. Without these needs being met we cannot grow, and our and society will suffer because of it.

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Thoughts From The Author

These are my thoughts and feelings about what men secretly want in quick article guide. I’ve experienced a lot as a man in my 45 years. Working as a RN in behavioral health has helped my understanding of human behavior as well. Honestly, I’ve experienced a lot through my personal growth journey that have brought me to how I experience life. That’s what can really bring men, women and society as a whole together-try to see each other’s point of view. Let’s start having a dialogue without screaming and agree to disagree, civilly, where it applies. If you liked what you’ve read, please share on social media or privately with someone who can benefit from the content here. Keep your eyes to the sky and work towards living a happier life, one day at a time!

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