This is Your Moment!

in the end it's not the years in your life that count. it's the life in your years, abraham lincoln, this is your moment

This is Your Moment My Friends!

Welcome to another motivational article to help you along your personal development journey path. This is your moment my friends! Given that life is short, and I’ve made many mistakes, I’ve recently had an urge to max out on life. We’ll call it a moment of clarity or awakening, as it’s called in the halls of Alcoholics Anonymous. So, going all in became a mantra after being inspired to write an article on living in the moment called Future Tripping Ain’t a Good Thing. While doing some research I came across some regrets about life that folks reported on their death bed. Consequently, not fully committing to life and opportunities was a major regret. Therefore, it is in this light I would like to encourage the reader to always seize the day, go all in to add life to your years and know that this is your moment!

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Wake Up-Know That This is Your Moment!

If you’re on this page, you’re most likely already self-aware and on a personal development path. However, it’s possible you know something’s off and that your life requires a change. Congratulations! Because this is your moment. While some may take the initiative to make the requisite adjustments to life without life becoming unmanageable, I think most wake up due to some pain, suffering or uncomfortable circumstances. We’ve heard stories about people having near death experiences. So, almost losing something substantial, like life, can really provide a jolt to an individual to stop taking life for granted and start believing that this is your moment to truly live life to the fullest. Are you awake? The gifts we received in life are too priceless to merely dip a toe in, like someone testing the waters.

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This is Your Moment!

It’s Time to Live Without Regret!

Living without regret may seem like a warm, fuzzy phrase but what does it mean to you? Well, this may require some self-reflection by you. Make an inventory or your life. List the pros and cons, assets and liabilities. This is an awesome starting point! If you can find out what you like and what you want to do, then you can begin living without regret. This is your moment to be present my friends. Tell yourself that you don’t want to be the person wishing they lived life more fully when you die. Furthermore, do whatever it takes to forget the past. It’s okay to learn from mistakes and circumstances outside our control. But focus on the moment with an eye on what you believe you can become! Make a game plan, set down the phone, get to know people and shake off the chains that hold you back!

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i've failed over and over and over again in my life. and that is why i succeed, michael jordan

This is Your Moment So Take It!

So, maybe you’re self-aware and done some reflection on your life. Shoot, maybe you’ve made one of those personal inventories I recommended. If that’s the case, then you’ve most likely lived up in your head at times as well. Certainly, you’ve walked away from a situation and wished you could have it back. Maybe it was an opportunity to speak up, show your best and walk tall but you caved for some reason. This is your moment to commit to saying what you need to say, even if your voice shakes. Saving grace does come around twice, but then again, sometimes it doesn’t. Do you have a voice, get an instinct or urge that pops up occasionally to take action or get involved? These feelings are pushing you to take the leap. Don’t let fear cripple you and prevent you from taking the important shots in life!

This is Your Moment so Take That Leap!

Go Out and Take Some Risks!

There is no success without taking risks. So, think about successful people you know or maybe just read about. It’s a guarantee that successful people in business, sports, entertainment or even relationships, had to step the edge of that figurative cliff and take a leap of faith! But maybe you’re reading this and saying, “I’m not a risk taker”. That’s okay because this is your moment. The greats didn’t achieve success overnight. Unfortunately, there are false perceptions about those who reach greatness, however. Few blow up overnight or “get rich quick”. Progress, development, happiness and riches come as a result of trial and failure, most likely over and over again. Therefore, start small with taking some shots in life. Be patient with yourself. And stay away from comparison because that is definitely a destroyer of dreams!

go for it now. the future is promised to no one. -wayne dier, this is your time

This is Your Time So Go Get It!

In conclusion, let me first say thank you for being here. This is your moment and I believe you ended up on this page for a reason. Certainly, there are no coincidences in life. I have become a strong believer of this fact. Furthermore, I have come to know the concepts in this article to be true because I’ve learned a lot through much trial and error. Am I successful when it comes to riches or fame? Absolutely not! At this point in my 45 years, I’m simply looking for some semblance of peace and happiness. I believe this is your moment, and mine. Consequently, I’ve made the decision to seize the moment, speak up, face my fears and have come to understand life and myself more as a result of it. I hope you gleaned some knowledge from this article and that you’re living life to the fullest!

Thoughts from The Author

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