How to Send Invites on Facebook

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How to Send Invites on Facebook

Welcome to another blog post my friends! I’m excited to provide some insight on how to send invites on Facebook! If you’ve been here for previous articles, you may have noticed a shift in the content. However, I believe it’s still inspirational by nature. So, maybe some of us are still looking for our niche. But I’ve definitely learned a few things about building a Facebook page & making a little money recently in my quest to inspire the world. Therefore, maybe I’m not a Jack of all trades here. I’m a firm believer that if you try enough new things, eventually something, or things, will click. Therefore, I hope you find value in how to send invites on Facebook. Please share this across social media!

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How to Send Invites on Facebook & Audible!

Sending Invites is Easy!

If you want to know how to send invites on Facebook, there are basically two ways that I’ve found. This applies to a personal Facebook profile and a professional page as well. If you have a professional page, then you’ll need to access your personal profile to send out invites to personal friends who haven’t accepted it yet. What’s a professional page? Well, you can follow this link to check out The Good Guy Store for an example. The professional page allows you to promote your business, brand or products with all kinds of cool features. Furthermore, watch the video below to see how to send invites on Facebook with ease!

How to Send Invites on Facebook

If you’ll look below, you’ll see a screenshot on how to send invites on Facebook by first switching to your personal account. If you have a professional page, then you’re most likely the administrator. There are certain capabilities you’re only allowed to perform from a personal profile. For example, some pages won’t allow a page to follow them but rather from personal accounts only.

Screenshot of Facebook used as a tool for switching from a professional page to a personal profile

Send Invites From Your Posts!

So, if you look for and find the thumbs up button in the bottom left corner of the picture below, this is where you must start to send invites while logged into your professional page. Furthermore, this is where the process for sending invites looks different from your personal profile. First, click on the thumbs up emoji and you’ll see a list populate of everyone who’s liked a post. The screenshot you seen below was actually from a reel that ended going viral, receiving millions of views. Therefore, a popular post can be an awesome source on how to send invites on Facbook.

screenshot of a Facebook post used as a tool to explain how to send invites on Facebook

Like How to Send Invites on Facebook? Find More Inspiration on My Blog!

Now that you’ve opened the screen to see who’s liked a specific post, as I previously said, you’re now able to invite people to follow your professional page. Basically, you’ll want to check on all of your posts regularly to send invites and grow your audience. And if you’re posts are gaining a lot of traction, it can take some time to get caught up. Viral posts can accumulate thousands of likes within hours. Also, you’ll be able to see who you’ve already invited to follow within the screenshot below. Try it out!

Be Consistent in Growing Your Brand!

Consistency is key my friends! If you’re new to social media, professional pages and possibly becoming an influencer, patience is vital. Check out Tips for Growing a Facebook Page to gain some insight. Moreover, I tell people to enjoy the process and learn as you go. Think of something in your life that developed and grew with time. Progress in any aspect of life comes with speed bumps, aches, pains and excitement as well. Thanks for being here and reading about How to Send Invites on Facebook. It may be a small thing, but I believe many will find value in the information here. Please share this!

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How to Send Invites on Facebook & Audible!

Thoughts from the Author

Thanks again for being here! I appreciate your support and your patience with evolution of the content. How to send invites on Facebook seemed to be a solution to a problem that many may have. How do I know? Well, I was that guy. But isn’t it fun to learn something, possibly the hard way, then share your victory with someone else? I sure do love it and hope you’ll share your own victories and the content here as well! Read and share the Best Motivational Audio Books and Quotes about Courage and Faith. Also, the Best Books for Addiction Recovery is an article dear to my heart. Keep fighting for what you know is possible and build the life you believe is out there one day at a time. God bless! -The Good Guy

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