Why Is Life So Hard Right Now?

The Breakdown: Why is life so hard right now?

This is a hard article to write. Why is life so hard right now? Well, the answer is complicated and typically doesn’t come in the time or place we would like it. Possibly this could turn into a philosophical or even a spiritual conversation. To be honest, this post is essentially a personal journal entry because I’m going through some hard times. So, my hope is that someone out there is able to takeaway some insight and apply these ideas to your own personal trials and tribulations. Whatever you do, don’t forget that you’re not alone in your struggles and know many are out there asking the same question: Why is life so hard right now?

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Why is Life So Hard Right Now?

Hard Times Come to All of Us

In my opinion, one of the most difficult aspects of hard times is feeling alone in the struggle. I think back to my early recovery days from drugs and alcohol and thought the whole world had it figured out. It was very narrow sited but that’s where I was back then. One day at a time, I came out of my shell, got to know others and reshaped my view of the world around me. Hard times come to us all which makes me think of a bible verse from Matthew in the New Testament.

45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

Matthew 5

What does this verse mean to you? Well, for me it means that regardless of who you are, you’re going to have bad, rainy days. So, you can feel like you’re alone in your bad days and trials or you change your perspective and look outward to help others. Because all we have is each other, right? The “why is life so hard right now” question may just leave your mind and give you the motivation to persevere.

why is life so hard right now

Everything Has Meaning

Now maybe you’re saying I’m being grandiose or hyperbolic with this segment but hear me out. Why is life so hard right now has come out of my mouth MANY times over the years. I can say however that I’m better than I used to be regarding knee jerk reactions to tragedy, trials or struggles. From getting sober back in 2007 to getting my career in nursing back and to my current crisis, each hard time seems less hard. Why? Because I can look back on each experience and see it for the growth I made. With an increased connection with God, I’ve seen the meaning and reason for the difficulties. Though it was hard to see at the time, in hindsight I should’ve surrendered and just let it all come. Once you see that hard times have meaning, you stop fighting and just go with the flow.

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You Are Being Refined

The refiner’s fire is compared to the hard times that come our way. Why is life so hard right now? Well, try to change your perspective from a negative one to a positive one. If you’re spiritual or religious, you may think you’re being punished. I personally don’t think that’s how life works. We’re all going to experience things that may seem unbearable at the time. Dealing with trials and struggles will be made more understandable by seeing your part in them. Look at the difficulties as you are being beaten on and being refined into a capable person, like the steal or iron worker beating a hot piece of metal into a beautiful tool or piece of art! Opposition will be present at all times in our life. To think otherwise is foolish.

Mountains to Climb-Henry B EyringWhy is life so hard right now?

Growth Comes From Hard Times

Think of the difficult times in your life and what you learned from them. Are you grateful for these trials? Well, probably not when you’re in it. No one wishes for pain, sorrow, uncertainty, anxiety or sadness. I mentioned before that life is full of opposition. If you don’t experience this opposition, life would be meaningless and without purpose. That opposition experienced in hard times provided perspective, so we are better able to appreciate the good times. Why is life so hard right now? Look at it as an opportunity for growth and the ability to see life through new lenses. Without tasting the bitter, one cannot appreciate the sweet. And without working out your ‘life muscles” then you’re going to be weak.

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The Wrapup: Why Is Life So Hard Right Now?

Why is life so hard right now? Unfortunately, I only have my own personal theories based on my life experiences. Whether you’re a religious, spiritual believer or an atheist, acceptance without becoming bitter is key to weathering the storms of life. In the moment trials come our way, many will say they don’t want it. Hard times come to us all. This a fact and acknowledging it will help alleviate the burden. Look for the meaning when difficulties arise. It may be difficult to see at the moment, but the sun will rise again and you’re going to be okay. Also, know that you’re in the process of developing capabilities and figurative muscles that will carry you through future trials. Why is life so hard right now? You may not have the answers now but fight on my friends because they’re out there. You just have to keep looking.

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Why is life so hard right now? Good things can come from struggles.

Thanks for Weathering the Hard Times With Me!

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