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Living a Happier Life

Living a Happier Life is a Process! Welcome to another inspirational article! I’m excited to talk about living a happier life. However, the end goal is a process, one day at a time, you can create the life you desire my friends. Have I reached the end goal myself? No. However, I strive to walk …

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Best Self Help Audio Books

Intro to the Best Self Help Audio Books! Hello my friends! Welcome to the site if you’re new to personal growth and development. I’m super excited to bring you this article on the Best Self Help Audio Books. It’s a topic I’m deeply passionate about and hope to light a spark within you as well. …

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Best Books for Overthinking

Intro to the Best Books for Overthinking! Overthinking is a common problem for anyone. Surely, we’ve all struggled with overthinking at some point in our lives, right? Infact, if you’ve gravitated to this article on the best books for overthinking, then you may, or someone you know, may be grappling with this unique problem now. …

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Best Positive Mindset Books

Intro to the Best Positive Mindset Books So, if you’re here at this site then you’re on a personal growth & development journey. That’s pretty sweet! On my own journey, I’ve become obsessed with positive mindset books and just good reads in general. Currently I’m listening to Jordan B. Peterson’s Beyond Order: 12 More Rules …

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late bloomer, picture of me in grade school

Being A Late Bloomer

The Intro: Being a Late Bloomer It’s all so surreal as I look back on it all and being a late bloomer. In one screenshot of the mind, I’m walking home from kindergarten. And in the next I recall awkwardly dancing with some girl with big bangs at a junior high social gathering. Sadly, next …

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